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Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet? (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet?


Who Is Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet?

A huge number of Romeo and Juliet essays have been written on the subject of who is responsible for the whole mess. There are so many factors working into it that it can be impossible to say for sure.
The story behind Romeo and Juliet is as follows: Romeo is the son of a prominent Italian house, the Montagues. Juliet, is the daughter of a prominent Italian house, the Capulets. These two houses have been at each other's throats for a long time, long enough that nobody living remembers why. For the time being, there has been peace, but this is shattered at the beginning of the play when the servants of the separate families end up brawling in the marketplace. Romeo's father wants to get involved, but is prevented from doing so by his wife.
The Capulets are throwing a party, which Romeo and his friends gate-crash, in an attempt to find a way to distract Romeo from his first love, who has taken a vow of celibacy. There he meets Juliet, and they form an attachment, despite being from opposing families. Slipping away from his friends, Romeo meets Juliet at her window, and the two plan to meet and marry the next day.
The marriages takes place, and Romeo returns to his friends in order to tell them the happy news. Unfortunately, Tybalt, cousin of Juliet who

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