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Types of EOD emergency response situations (Essay Sample)

Write a 2 page article on an article relating to the different types of EOD emergency response situations. source..

Types of EOD emergency response situations
Emergency response refers to appropriate actions taken incase of a catastrophe. Proper emergency response can always protect and save lives despite the magnitude of a disaster (Feder & Poririer, 200l). Chances of safety can be increased by co-operating with all the affected members, keeping calm, and ensuring a supply of emergency rescue goods. Depending on the kind of facilities targeted and means of attack, the following examples of EOD situations are noted:
Feder and Poirier (2001) differentiate the situations as follows: those classified by the targeted facility: rather, a situation in which facilities of hazardous substance are attacked. This includes the destruction of nuclear power establishments where discharge of large amounts of radioactive substances released in the surrounding vicinity can expose human life to radiations and expose foods and drinks to the same. Secondly, explosions from bombings of petrol or chemical complex combustible-gas storage facilities can cause damage to people , buildings and lifelines as well as disrupt chemical activities and third is the attack on ships transporting hazardous materials where proliferation of these hazardous materials cause damage to people living in coastal areas as well as disruption socio-economic activities in these areas, for instance the temporary dysfunctioning of harbors and contamination of marine resources.
Additionally, there are situations where people are attacked with substances that are capable of eliminating a large number of the population. This includes the explosion of dirty bombs, where damage is caused by flying objects, heat and flames. Normal cell functions are disrupted by radiation causing skin cancer. Dispersal of large amounts of biological agents can also occur where infected people move from one area to another. Attacks made with biological agents that use the human body as the host, and medium, cause damages that spreads over a wide area. Large amounts of chemical agents are also dispersed by wind, the leeward side favours this. Explosive attacks can also be transported by aircraft or bombings are carried out in areas fre...
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