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Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


comparison and contrast essay
can you make some mistake of gammer or sentences because my professor think last work is too prefect, It is not my work.


Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year
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Thanksgiving and Lunar New Year
Also known as the Spring Festival in China, the Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is a holiday a majority of Asian countries such as China, Philippines, Vietnam, and Korea celebrates (Chan, 2018). The holiday is based on a different calendar, the Chinese zodiac calendar that differs from the one used in the rest of the world. Each year, the Lunar New Year is celebrated on varying days, but around the same period. While this holiday is not based on religion, it is a time for the loved ones to reunite, enjoy dinner, clean houses to avoid bad spirits, and to welcome a brand new year. During this time of the year, parents receive bonuses in paychecks and children receive red envelopes with money from relatives. The close American holiday one may relate to the Lunar New Year is Thanksgiving in America. In both holidays, families get together and cook big meals to express gratitude and good luck in future days. The holidays compares much with the American’s Thanksgiving, although celebrated in different days and in different manner, and the celebrations during the Chinese (Lunar) New Year is that it is more intense compared to Thanksgiving.
Comparing how big the two events are, the Lunar New Year is bigger than the Thanksgiving Day in the United States (McCarthy, 2015). In 2015, it was projected that about 2.8 billion would be made during this China’s biggest celebration compared to the 46 million trips during Thanksgiving. This can easily be attributed to the difference in population that makes the Lunar New Year outdo Thanksgiving although the difference i

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