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Synthesis Essay on Advertising (Essay Sample)


Synthesis essay for AP English language and composition. Just like one of the required essay on the actual AP test (the synthesis prompt one). The 2007 (Form A) prompt, about two and a half pages long would be perfect. The information on the first page is probably what you need to know. The structure is probably:Intro (including YTAG, hook and a quote from the introduction), 3 Body Paragraphs(each body paragraph include a different source), conclusion (restate the statement). Find connections with the introduction. thanks


Synthesis Essay on Advertising


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The advertising industry has played a significant role in delivering the required information to consumers. It is through advertising that the consumers get information on the quality of the products that have been made to resolve all their issues. There are also so many changes which have taken place in the advertising industry due to the invention of the internet. Through the internet, the advertiser can target a particular category of consumers whom they can reach with the ad. This has mad advertising more effective. In this paper, the argument presented is that advertising plays a great role in getting the society informed.
Firstly, advertising will inform you on where you can purchase a product and the benefits associated with a particular product. Getting informed about the product you want to purchase will help you make the appropriate decision. As indicated in source C, advertising will help you have a clear picture of what something you want to purchase CITATION Cul04 \l 1033 (Culpa, 2004). For example, if a travel company is carrying out an advertisement about Costa Rica as the best travel destination, the potential target audience will be made aware of the destination. They will have information on how the travel destination looks like, the amenities available and the estimated cost. Most of the advertisers have carried out their research on the product on behalf of the consumers.
Secondly, the people who are exposed to these advertisements alre

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