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International Business Paper (Essay Sample)

Identify cultural conflicts or issues in the company you selected? Identify and discuss the sources of conflict related to the culture of the country or countries where your Company does business? Discuss why these conflicts occurred and who was involved. COMPANY IS L'OREAL source..
Running Head: International Business
International Business Paper
There are many barriers for businesses in conducting their business. The aim of any company is should be to overcome these berries and expand the business to become bigger. Companies have been going global in order to create a bigger market for their products. However these companies face a big challenge in trying to do business in those countries. One of the problems is cultural conflicts due to the cultural differences. This paper examines the causes of such conflicts with a case study of L’Oreal.
International Business
Conflicts in companies will always occur due to culture differences that occur between people of different countries. A company may be doing business in different countries which makes it face culture variations in those countries (Kopp & Roth, 2003). L’Oreal for instance is a cosmetics company that is the worlds largest in the industry. The company has branches in different countries all over the world with the head quarters at New York.
Its diversity and operation in different countries leads to L’Oreal experiencing culture conflicts. Culture conflicts are likely to occur in different ways as between employees who are from different cultures. L’Oreal has employed employees from different cultures in the countries it operates. Cultural differences come along with differences in peoples believes as they are brought up differently (Elmer, 1993). What is right for one person might be wrong for another. This leads to conflicts as a result of cultural differences.
Communication becomes a problem for companies that go global and may result to conflicts. Different cultures will have different modes of communication where there is a certain code of conduct....
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