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Politics of Fela kuti and his views over black andwhite separations (Essay Sample)

PART A; Your research findings You must assume the role of research guide to others interested in your topic. Imagine a member of the public who is interested in your topic being able to read and understand how and why you conducted your research the way you did. You become the expert and act as a pathway for others (classmates, members of the public, proud parents, other teachers, next years IDC students, etc.) to broaden their knowledge. Part A is the narrative of your research process. - Justify your choice of topic. - Explain how your topic is connected to AFROBEAT, and what other topics it's most closely related to. - What sources (websites, books, periodicals etc.) you have used. - What information each source provides (your own summary). - A discussion of what perspectives or biases you detect in each source. - A discussion of what perspectives or biases you detect in each source. - An evaluation of the credibility, reliability, strength, and usefulness of the each source. - A description of the path that you've followed from one source to the next' what made you look further? Was it a name, a term, a link??? How have you “connected the dots”? - Be sure to include a description of any hurdles, roadblocks or dead ends you have encountered. Explain how you overcame any obstacles and analyze why you could not overcome others. In this process our misses and failures are as informative and important as our hits and successes. - A description of what you have learned, how your thinking has evolved and how you perspective have changed. - What new questions have developed in your mind, ones that could potentially be explored in order to extend your topic and you research. - 25-30 sources should be examined. Embedded citations seem to work best but a works cited list is also ok. - A minimum of the equivalent of 10 pages concise writing (including works cited) ies expected. Use 12-point font and single spacing. Remember you are in grade 12 and this is a University level course and appropriate levels of sophistication in writing styles and analysis are expected. - Include relevant graphics; photos, cartoons maps, diagrams graphs, charts etc. 6-12 is about the right number. Be sure to reference these correctly. - Remember that you can email individuals and organizations with questions or for request information you are after. Be sure to only identify yourself by your first name and to keep track of your exchanges. You can include the most interesting and relevant part of these “ Email conversations” in your. - All work must be submitted to in a single document with Parts B and C. Please does not make a paper copy. Part B; Your analysis of your own critical thinking In Part B of your summative you are to relate your research process to the critical thinking skills we have developed and learned about throughout this year. You need to log the skills you employ as you carry out your research. Keep a file of what skills are used and in which parts of the project you used them. I suggest you think about and record which skills you use each time you conduct any research. For each hour you work on the summative spend 45 min. researching and 15 min. analyzing and recording how you have used critical thinking as part of the project. If you wait until you have finished part A to start part B you will end up with lower quality work and a lower mark. - What skills have you used? - How have you used them? - To what degree has thinking critically allowed you to be successful in Part A - In what parts of the process where various critical thinking skills most important? - A minimum of 5 pages,( 12pt. font and single spaced) is expected for this section. - All work must be submitted to in a single document with Part A and part C. No paper copies please Part C; The summary of your peer discussion This task involved a record of discussion with another member of the class. You should have your discussion with someone who has a topic which is unline your own topic. The purpose of this discussion is not only to learn about someone else's process but to gain more insight into your own. The idea is to compare approaches, methods, perspectives and results with another member of the class. This discussion can be done in person, on the phone or over the web. A face-to-face or phone interview/ discussion should be about 20 minutes and an email interview should be approximately equivalent to that. - Did his person use the same methods and strategies as you? - How was this discussion helped you clarify your own approaches - Which of your own biases did you discover though this discussion? - Do you see this person as holding different attitudes or outlooks then you do? - All work must be submitted to in a single document with Parts A and B. Part D: Work Log This is a class-by-class record of your attendance, punctuality, goals and work accomplished. This is the method by which your progress will be tracked. This wil be collected in class. You do not submit this to Hi there, Okay so this essay needs to be done as the way it was said on PART A, PART B , PART C and PART D I have notes from the class which would help. This course is about Critical Thinking, So for sure you need to apply the notes that he gave us on the essay. You do not need to SPECIFICALLY talk about "BLACK AND WHITE SEPARATION " you can write this essay about what ever you like but that regards to AFROBEAT and Fela kuti who was the famous guy back in that days... You can talk about his political views, his interest in his lyrics. What ever that you can do research on and have more information. Please let me know if you need anything more regarding to Critical Thinking. Thanks a lot looking forward for anything source..

Politics of Fela kuti and his views over black andwhite separations
Politics of Fela kuti and his views over black andwhite separations
I choose this topic because Fela is among the 20th century most vital musicians and campaigners, and having gathered most of his recordings, I believe I have an outstanding position for establishing a compilation. That spirit reigns in his songs, which has not tampered at all, their influence, not even the bits that are more than 30 years of age, is truly religious. To pay attention is to accept as true, one has to be ready for the journey of invention this enormous man takes them on. He rejoices the pleasure of being African and conveys his misery at the Africans dignity rape. His music opens ones eyes and soul. It is truthfully great composition. He combines Yoruba, rock, orchestra, and jazz music smoothly (Clarke & Clarke, 2011). He is among Nigeria's leading artistes who has smoothened the road in support of Afro-pop melodies. Songs similar to "Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense" as well as "Unknown Soldier" actually demonstrate his political enthusiasm and communication. He is extremely clear and honest regarding his political visions. Fela was (emotionally) very concerned with the politics of Nigeria and made vocals of the dishonesty and leadership lack that afflict the nation's administration even now.
Just like in Nigerian prose, Fela Kuti as well articulates of the state's detest of the colonialism of the British, and the "white gentleman's burden" viewpoint, which tends to be the consideration that other ethnicities are substandard to whites in addition to that, via colonization and relations, the whites are capable of "educating" and culturing the blacks. His music, however, is slightly repetitive as well as "jam band-ish," hence it is likely to hear similar riff all through a song. Compositions like "Jingo" and "Beasts of No Nation," are amazing with the orchestra's sound playing a large task in them. The addition of horns as well as trombones along with trumpets makes a contagious melody, which makes one desire to rise and dance. It is in addition very simple to perceive the ancestry of Fela's songs. The African pulse and beat is what formulates his music uniqueness. His composition is upbeat, although calming and pressing. It is illogical, but is cautiously crafted (Clarke & Clarke, 2011).
How Politics of Fela kuti and his views over black and white separations is related to AFROBEAT and other topics
Afro beat is among the boldest as well as the most fundamental forms of objection music the globe has ever heeded. Fela Kuti, Afro beat`s original designer, was a radical criminal who applied his music like a weapon intended to expose as well as physically attack the injustice perpetrators in his residence Nigeria and all over Africa (Ramnarine, 2007). His main targets incorporated Nigeria's dishonest military government, the post-colonial nobility's oppr...
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