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Where Did Statistics Begin (Essay Sample)

The case study you will read for this discussion is an interesting discussion of how John Graunt used sample statistics to estimate the population of London in 1661. This is a classic case of trying to use sampling statistics to estimate some unknown population parameter. While inferential statistics are a useful tool, they do leave room for dispute on the process of collecting data and on the impact on the results. Read the case study "Focus on History – Where Did Statistics Begin?" on pages 363–365 of your text. Once you have read the case study, answer questions 1, 2, and 4. For question 2, be sure to explain the expected errors from the sampling method described. How can the population of a large, modern city be estimated today? source..
Running Head: Where Did Statistics Begin. Name Course University Lecturer Date Systemic record keeping began in London in 1532 with weekly data collection on deaths. The alternative method that could have been used is population sampling where population of a specific region is used to represent rest of the regions population. From the samples probabilistic inference could have been drawn. Regression and correlation analysis could also have been used. The population of London is estimated to have reached 120,000 by the middle of the 16th century and about 250,000 by 1600 For data collection to be reliable, it should be s...
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