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BHS365 Module 3 Case (Essay Sample)

In January 2009 Nadya Suleman gave birth to octuplets at a Kaiser Permanente facility in Bellflower, California. When news of the birth first came out there was great excitement and anticipation about the mother and the family. As more information surfaced about the facts of the case; in particular, the artificial insemination of embryos and Ms. Sulema's history, the excitement among many turned to anger and wonderment of how Ms. Suleman could have 14 children given her lack of fiscal means. Without delving into the legal aspects of the case, discuss the ethical implications by applying the theories and principles to this case. Task: 1. Discuss whether the doctor was wrong to implant the embryos. source..
BHS365 Module 3 Case Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation BHS365 Module 3 Case Artificial insemination is the medical process of impregnating a woman through some means other than copulation. It is usually done by a catheter. This process is done for women who cannot or wish not to have babies by natural means; it is also performed in single women who have lost their husbands or partners (Corea, 1985). From the details of the discussion question Ms Suleman’s husband has not been mentioned therefore, it can be assumed that she does not have a husband. It has also not been mentioned whether she lost her husband and emphasis has been placed on her lack of fiscal means to show that she is solely expected to take care of her eight children. The large number of children is one of the risks that accompany this medical procedure (Wilson, 2008). A.I. is helpful to some ways though its demerits far outweigh the merits. It for instance allows couples or women who cannot deliver naturally a chance to do so thus bringing happiness and contentment to them. Despite this there are several issues that have been raised on ethical and moral grounds about this procedure that makes come to the conclusion that it was wrong for the doctor to implant embryos in Ms Suleman. The first and im...
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