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Personal Ethics: The Developmental Aspect of My Ethics (Essay Sample)

Individual Assignment: Personal Ethics Development Paper - Write a 1,050- to 1,200-word paper on personal ethics development that examines your personal ethical system and ground rules, including its origins and development. - Incorporate the terms found in the University of Phoenix Material: Key Terms located on the student Web site. - Focus on the developmental aspect of your ethics rather than on a particular position on any issue. - Define your underlying ethical system, its primary principles, the sources that helped shape your ethics—such as people, institutions, events, and so forth—and the criteria and decision-making factors you used to revise them. - Discuss the potential effect of your ethics on your performance or use of them in your workplace using a specific personal example. - Explain why ethics are needed in an organization and how ethics are integrated into the organization to achieve its direction and goals. What effect does the application of these ethics have on individuals, organizations, and society? - Format your paper according to APA standards. source..

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The Developmental Aspect of My Ethics
Ethics are the principles, standards of conducts and norms that govern an individual or group. For a group to succeed whether it is a business organization, community, or a family unit, there must be a developed set of rules of behavior that have bed agreed upon. Sharing of ethical standards brings about cohesion and harmony in ant community. Human civilization was founded on the development of ethical standards and an expectation that those standards would be adhered to by all that they concerned. Even across cultures, there are many ethical codes that people can agree on (Legan and Moran, 2005). Many would agree that vices such as stealing, dishonesty, and hurting others on purpose is unethical. Out of this basic standard, many groups therefore develop individual codes of conduct that is aligned to the cultural environments of where they come from.
I started developing my ethical standards and character from when I began understanding right from wrong, back in my childhood. With this I started developing a sense of apathy for others who were around me and this development was through behavioral observation, and I started learning how to behave in a way that was expected in the particular environment that I found myself. My parents played a pivotal role as my first mental anchors as I discovered my ethical system. I also derived much out of my own keenness and observation in my earlier discoveries and in some cases I learnt the hard way, nevertheless all of that shaped me. My family was ardent church goers, and so held staunch religious beliefs, this extensively contributed to the development of my ethical system.
And then I was enrolled in school, and classroom learning began for me. The most integral things that I learnt about being a successful me in the society I learnt them in kindergarten. How to keep myself tidy, how to treat other with respect and why doing certain things as taking what does not belong to me, being disrespectful, was wrong. The ethics and values that I developed as I grew made me not just who I became, but also how I interacted successfully in the society.
Underlying ethical systems
I learnt that the underlying ethical system principle was simply "harm none." I was raised up by within the Church of Christ, where the concepts of family, sacrifice, and gratitude became a key part of my life. The church and all the ethical standard that it operated underhand expected of their congregants were the foundation of my morals and ethics. The church has some specific doctrines that provide the basic guidelines of what acceptable behavior entails. Correspondingly, the example of Jesus provides the ideal. With the church as my solid foundation, I have gotten myself to learn from different religions and have also learnt to accept oth...
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