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Ethics in Criminal Justice: Police Corruption in United States (Essay Sample)

Based on your research, analyze what you feel is the biggest ethical concern facing the U.S. Criminal Justice System today and include these questions: 1. Why did you select this issue? 2. History of this issue within the Criminal Justice System. 3. Strategies and recommendations by you to address this issue. Source must be a scholarly article and peer-reviewed source..
Ethics in Criminal Justice
Police Corruption in United States
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Police Corruption in United States
The aspect of ethics in criminal justice is asocial concern that need not be overlooked. (Byers, 2002). During the years of 1990, the topic of ethics was hotly debated in United States, it continue to be equally relevant in the present times. I have decided to deal with police corruption since the sector is quite synonymous with criminal justice system. Since policing in America is considered to be of high profile, ethics in criminal justice is mostly connected with policing. This paper therefore addresses this aspect of ethics in criminal justice within the perspective of police corruption in USA.
Citizens, aid administrators, diplomats and field personnel would all adhere to the fact that corruption wastes a lot of resources, makes a mockery of justice undermines the issue of security, slows down economic development, and alienates the citizens from their governments. Studies have pointed out that corruption posts as an elementary obstacle to the commonly proclaimed goal of the majority of the interventions which the international community keeps fighting for, that is establishing the rule of law. Corruption in the administration of justice translates that, rightful access to justice is equally denied.
In essence, corruption undermines fair trial, undermines economics, and social opportunities, fair elections, cultural expressions, access to basic human needs such as housing, food, education and water. Since the police are the main entity for implementing the law in any particular society, police corruption hinders the effective implementation of justice in any given place. When the police force offer their services after being bribed through private arrangements, the rule of law and justice ceases. For any nation with an established rule of justice systems as an obj...
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