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Option #1: Single Character Analysis Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Option #1: Single Character Analysis
Now that you have observed the attributes of the characters in the short stories “A&P” and “Greasy Lake,” compose 3-4 body paragraphs that will serve as a single character analysis from Chinua Achebe's novel, Thing Fall Apart (TFA).
Use specific language from chapters 14 (Character) and 17 (Style, Tone, and Language) when crafting your analysis. Be sure to address the “type” of character you are analyzing (round/flat/dynamic/static).
As you move on with your analysis do think about noting how elements of formal/informal diction, imagery, and figures of speech inform the development of the character you choose to analyze.
Describe what motivates the character you are analyzing. Additionally, note how language and the style/tone of the story are used to formulate the reading/analysis of the character. As you move on with your analysis do think about noting how elements of formal/informal diction, imagery, and figures of speech inform the make-up of the character you choose to analyze.
Additionally – do note how a reader from another country or culture might potentially draw different conclusions about the character you choose to analyze from (TFA)
Your character analysis should include an introductory paragraph where you note background information (title of work, author and character you plan to analyze) and your thesis should include body paragraphs to back-up your thesis. In these body paragraphs, you will provide in-text analysis of the character of your choosing where you formulate topic sentences tied to your thesis as you cite evidence and then provide analysis.
When you think about quoting, or paraphrasing from another, you can think of the process as similar to making a sandwich: note why you are inserting the quote into your writing; and then, following the quote, analyze why the quote works to further your thesis, or main idea. To sandwich a quote properly you must:
Provide a statement introducing the quote (top slice of bread)
Insert your quote (something yummy from the deli)
Explanation of the quote (bottom slice of bread)
For a successful Critical Thinking Assignment:
Have a strong thesis statement.
Use specific textual support from the Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart in the body of your paper.
Proofread for errors in spelling, grammar, and writing mechanics. Vary sentence structure and sentence length to add interest.
Follow APA guidelines with regard to font style, size, margins, and spacing. For specific information, go to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.
Use APA when citing the text; include a reference page citation at the end of the paper for the short story in the anthology. See the tutorial in Module 1 or consult CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA (used for this class).
If you have questions about citing in APA, visit the University Writing Center. Additionally – you can schedule a writing consultation with a CSU-GC Writing Consultant by following the directions on the attached document.


Single Character Analysis: Okonkwo
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Single Character Analysis: Okonkwo
The intent of this paper is to offer a character analysis of the main protagonist in Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart (TFA). Chinua Achebe is one of the most remarkable African writers from Nigeria. The novel was published in 1959, and has had significant impact and insights about the African culture. Achebe portrays Okonkwo as a tragic hero. In this context, the character holds a position of authority and esteem as the leader of the Igbo community, living in Umuofia. The tragic aspect of the protagonist is evident through his progression of deeds, catastrophic flaw, and how he gains mindfulness of circumstances that led to his downfall. His tragic flaw as a leader is the fear he has of weakness and disaster (Foley, 2001).
The language used by the author offers clear insights that connect the reader to the reality presented by the narrative. Achebe describes the character as “tall and huge” with “bushy eyebrows and a wide nose” (Achebe, 1959). These insights create the perspective that Okonkwo was a strong and serious person. Additionally, he states that “when Okonkwo walks, his heels barely touch the ground, as he walks on springs.” (Achebe, 1959). The description adds that with this walk, it was like he was going to pounce on someone. From these insights, Okonkwo was a unique personality based on his physical description. His body commanded respect, and the way he moved was a clear description of his intentions (Foley, 2001). Nevertheless, Okonkwo had a slight stammer, and he breathed heavily. In this light, the author offers a description that shows the protagonist has weaknesses.
Another portrayal of Okonkwo as a tragic hero is that he was a wrestler and a fierce warrior. He also engaged his family of three wives and many children in farming yams. Despite this, Okonkwo is portrayed to be impulsive because he acts before he thinks. Additionally, he feels inward affection towards his people, but he rarely depicts affection towards anyone. The character isolates himself and remains violent, stubborn and portrays an irrational behavior (Kenalemang, 2013). The consequences of his actions and behaviors offend the Igbo people, the gods of his clan and the Igbo traditions. For instance, despite being advised not to be in

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