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Best by Forever - Smile Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


collage essay I'll talk about my grandfather's smile, he passed away when I was a young girl, but. I love him and his way to solve problems. He has a bad temper, but he was always be very nice to me and my mom. He always mad at other family members including grandma. Everyone in our big family afraid of him except me and my mom. I'm the one who is being like the most through out all grandchilds of his. I missed him and I really love him, I will think about him sometimes when I feel depressed.
U can also make up some stories basic on your imagination and add some pics from internet like comic pic(I don't like comic pics) Thank you!

On Smile
Louise Liu
Prof Christopher
04 May 2017
On Smile
Smiling makes you happier, and if do not smile often you ought to consider smiling more often. Smile also changes things, rules or relationship. You can tell the complex emotion sometimes and affect by it.
In any case, smiling is an effective technique to induce relaxation.[Jim Taylor, Applying Sport Psychology, 1st ed. (Champaign, Ill.: Human Kinetics, 2005), 45.]
Best by Forever - Smile
Growing up, my grandfather was a strict disciplinarian, but he also smiled a lot and listened keenly to his grandchildren. With 1 daughter, 1 son in law and 4 sons and 4 daughters in law, he did not always react this way to everyone, but me (used to walk to him and hanging with his shirt when he’s angry) and my mother (always calmed him down while others cannot do).
“Don't rap your little cousin's strawberries!"
My grandpapa yelling to my cousin Nannan with a horrible face, then take them back to the bowl in front of me. “I hope you get to explore the world and discover what makes you happy, you still have many years to live.” Grand pa, told me as my mother was listening in the background.
The smile was still there, and not one to disappoint I affirmed that I would do just that and even more.
“Don’t forget to care for those around you know the world treats you the way you treat other people.” One day when you are older you will get all I am telling you.
A truly strict man who never bring any negative emotions, passed away but still as a legitimate influence towards me for 16 years.
People tend to remember happy expressions including smiles where people then associate such emotions with warmth.[Arthur P. Shimamura, Jennifer G. Ross and Heather D. Bennett, "Memory For Facial Expressions: The Power Of A Smile", Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 13, no. 2 (2006): 218]
Bright sign at a loss- Smile
I used to learn Latin dance when I was in Grade 3.
At the beginning, I face difficulties making new friends in a new place without knowing anyone. I was reluctant to open up, until Bingqian, a girl in the dance group smiled at time and smiled back. As I had experienced before with my grandfather, smiling seemed to lighten up my mood and spirits. She was my friend who was very out-going and we stuck together only being separated as my family relocated. Her smile touched me as it was genuine and the beginning of a friendship.
Turn to be happy by your rise up month corners - smile
We always have someone in our life who’s important but ignored sometimes. You may not contact them frequently even don’t talk a word in 3 months, half a year or longer. They are always there when you reconnect to them. They have a special place in your heart, and so do you. That’s the relationship between me and my homies. What I miss most is we might joke or mutual loss each other, and they can bring you happy by just a couples of words. Not meaning we don’t praise each other, we do if we really think so.
Once Jio and I were hanging in mall.
508005461000Me: “That girl’s wearing a same dress as mine!”
“She looks fat!”
(Whispered in an emotional voice with a cool face to her.)
Jio: “So are you, you fatty.”
Me: “…” Rolling eyes to her. Then I got her chipper laugh back.
She’s like ...
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