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NO TURNING BACK (Essay Sample)

Book Assignment "NO TURNING BACK", by Bryan Anderson. This is a book about one man's courage, determination and hope in the face of dauntless challenges after returning from Iraq. The story of a young man who left America after graduating from high school, an exceptional gymnast, and returned a hero with a riveting drive to succeed. write a summary of the book after reading. Your paper will be done in 12 font, 3 pages long and double-spaced. Please reread it for errors - spelling - and grammar. This cannot be a hand-written paper. Since three full pages are requested in the assignment, please make sure you do indeed have three full pages. Less than three page reports will not be accepted. Please download the book online. I have instruction change. insted of writing the review of the book, write relflective paper of what was your emotional respnse(or your fellings) as you read the book, what part touched you the most, what inspired you the most, and what did you learn from the writer. Thank you.i can give u 6 extra days to do it. source..

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To conquer can have different meanings depending on where it used. Generally it implies an instance whereby a person overcomes a situation. To Bryan Anderson, a US Army sergeant, it meant taking down the enemy. He was the Iraq War`s fourth triple amputee and had some more personal situations to conquer. The situation that Bryan found himself in, could have broken many, but Bryan made a joke out of it. He transformed it into something positive which actually propelled him forward and his goal was bigger than just walking again. He learnt how to snowboard, rock-climb and water ski and he was even able to win some gold medals. In the inspiring book, Bryan shares his infectious love for life which actually touches every person facing hardship. He is an example that anyone who is faced with difficult circumstances and having very tough challenges, can be able to overcome them as long as he/she has a positive attitude towards the situation. Bryan Anderson lost both his legs and an arm from a roadside explosion and was left with two choices of either moving on with life or rolling and dying. He however chose to move on with life. This book gives an account on how he managed to go through the rehabilitation process and how he has managed to inspire many people from losing hope to living positively with the situations that they may find themselves in.
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