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Two-page Describes A Memory From Your Loopwriting (Essay Sample)


Bring a two-page draft that describes a memory from your loopwriting. This should be a memory that feels important in describing the community you are writing about for your first paper. How does this memory explain or symbolize this community you belong to?
Finally, I attach here the Reading and Annotation guide that I described in class. The first part is an essay in which I try to explain how it to do it and how it all fits together; you will find the actual RAQ questions on the last page of the document.
Please refer to my writing style, because the professor will check the writing style. If the style of writing is not the same as before, the professor will doubt.


Internet and Stupidity
Date of submission
Internet and Stupidity
I am "intelligent,” and I treat the word "intelligence" as distinguished as a whole. However, are we indeed intelligent or stupid due to the internet? Before the development of technology, were people stupid? I bother to ask the question because I compare the current students who use the internet to those who went through learning process without the internet. The relentless search for information manually in magazines, books, periodicals and journals in the past I think was worth. The hectic time taken in the search for information made a student satisfied with the work (Elbow, 1998). However, the current culture of information search is based entirely on the internet. Do we still feel satisfied when searching information online or do we feel stupid for not engaging our minds deeply in the search for information?
Well, I do not dispute that the internet is my idol since it has enhanced my creativity. There is a lot of information at disposal to solve difficult problems. However, I sometimes feel that I am intellectually lazy. Students who searched for information through books, magazines, and newspapers without relying on the internet appreciated the sense of hard work to achieve their objects, in particular through dedication and patience. However, in my case, for instance, I use the transparent 3 D media cloud on the internet as well as different browsers to lay information within a click of a button. I have noted that there is no struggle in search of information compared to students who never engaged in the internet and this makes me feel lazy (Elbow, 1998).
On the contrary to the above sentiments, it is true that th...
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