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Colloquial /Slang Language (Essay Sample)

Journal Task 6 - Write 500 words based on any idea raised in the lectures as it relates to a broader social/ethical/political or intellectual issue. This should not be one of the essay questions. - Can you write about Colloquial /slang language. - The paper must be focussed on delivering a coherent argument and should include, at the top of the page, a Topic/Title and a Thesis Statement and must be in essay journal format. Writing – Writing Journal Guidelines Tutor: Jeni Ryde This component of the Analytical Reading and Writing unit for the tutorial groups of Jeni Ryde will be based on a series of written tasks to be completed in class. REQUIRED WORK - Each week in class you will be assigned a writing task of between 250 and 500 words (approximately 2,500 words total over ten weeks) - From these tasks you will get the opportunity to choose four pieces to edit and submit for grading. - You should print all of the set tasks for collection and should supply the chosen 4 pieces to be marked as double spaced Word documents so that there is room on the page for comments and annotations. - Make sure the work is accompanied by an Assignment Cover Sheet. Read and respond to academic journal question. Generally summarise the main topic of the article Identify the event or argument that the author is responding to Identify the author's context / perspective Summarise the main arguments in the text. Write a concluding sentence Format 1. Type, print out and bring to class in week 2 – be prepared to discuss in class 2. Use academic format, ie. Paragraph, spell checked, etc. 3. Approx 250 words (not more than one page) 4. A reference in APA style Journal essay Task 6: - Must be set out and laid out in academic writing as this is a very academic and high English subject must be written professional use of professional terms well structured must have a layout for a journal essay. Intro middle conclusion main arguments, positive and negatives . - Using the library website, find one academic article to use as a source and refer to this in your writing. Only academic and scholarly articles. - Note the reference (author name, title, publication and date) for this article at the end of your task. - Word count: 550 words Research Requirements: Research requirements are as follows: - You should provide at least 4 references for your work; at least 3 of these should be scholarly sources (i.e., journal articles and academic books). - Your references may include journal articles, books, newspaper articles, radio broadcasts, magazine articles (where appropriate), documentation from government sources and research materials/reports from non-governmental organisations. - You may not use any information from the Internet in your research, excepting those sources indicated above. - All definitions must be sourced from the Oxford English Dictionary (the full version) or from specialist dictionaries and reference books. Presentation requirements: Presentation requirements are as follows: - Double-spaced - 12pt - Font: Times New Roman - Pages numbered - Indent the first line of each paragraph or insert an extra line between paragraphs - Run spellcheck Marking criteria: Analytical Reading and Writing –Journal -Marking Guidelines Revised Tutor: Jeni Ryde MARKING CRITERIA – WEEKLY TASKS Each piece of work will be marked according to the following criteria. Summary (Sum): - Good (G): Synopsis is clear with no conceptual or factual errors. - Satisfactory (S): Synopsis is generally clear with few conceptual or factual errors - Greater application required (GAR): Unclear synopsis with a number of conceptual or factual errors Evaluation (E): - Good: Clearly stated argument or position well supported by reasons - Satisfactory: Some evidence of a justified argument or position - Greater application required: No justified argument or opinion offered Grammar (G): - Good: Good sentence and paragraph construction - Satisfactory: Generally good sentence and paragraph construction - Greater application required: Poor sentence and paragraph construction Marking criteria. Overall meaning: /20 Overall meaning is clear and well-articulated Argument and evaluation /20 Clearly stated argument or position well supported by reasons Editing: /20 Good sentence and paragraph construction (grammar, spelling and punctuation. Presentation: / 20 Meets word count Adequate referencing in apa Referencing (5%): Is the essay sophisticated to the tertiary level for referencing techniques: - Format (APA) - Thoroughness of referencing in body of assignment - Comprehensiveness and relevance of reference list Style and presentation (15%): Is the essay sophisticated to the tertiary level for: - Spelling and Punctuation - Clause-paragraph coherence - Grammar - Vocabulary □ Double spaced □ 12pt □ Times New Roman Research and argument (25%): Is the essay sophisticated to the tertiary level for: - Logical organisation - Critical reading - Objectivity - Research and substantiation of argument The above is an example of a paragraph template: Paragraph Template [They Say] It is a commonly held belief that…This is demonstrated/inferred in Liogier's article by… [5-8 lines – Add a quotation or paraphrase to support your point] [Liogier Says] However, in his article, Liogier argues/makes the case that… However, Liogier claims/asserts that… [8-10 lines – Add a quotation or paragraph to support your point.] [I Say] Liogier's argument is convincing/unconvincing because… Liogier's idea/statement/example is persuasive/unpersuasive because… [8-10 lines – This section is to be a reading or assessment and not based on your personal experiences. All evidence is to come from the text.] source..

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(21 May, 2011)
Colloquial /Slang Language
This paper focuses on the article “Language planning in the light of a general theory of language: a methodological framework” (Haarmann, 1990); which talks on the different forms of speech and their effects in the society. The author critically analyses the issue of slang language and identifies it as the most common informal language that are used in any social setup as it paves way for the interaction between the different people in the society. In addition, the language is used to determine the social class and ages of the individuals. The article focuses on the issue of “Evaluation on whither colloquial /Slang language has any effect on development of language and communication?”.
There are different ways of expression and communication between individuals in a society (Croft, 2000). Haarmann, (1990) identifies that communication between the different people varies according to the language and tone amongst other forms of expressions that are associated with the communication between these different groups of people. Language is mostly considered as the most influential factor that determines the type of communication between different individuals in a group. There are raised concerns from the education officials who advocate for the use of proper language in order to improve the performance of the students at school. Languages like Slang and Colloquial are some of the most exciting languages that make the education officials get more upset with these languages as they distort the Standard of the English language; this is when it lowers the quality and intensity of the language (Rob & Nicole, 2011).
Haarmann, (1990) also identifies Slang language as where by the speaker uses info...
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