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Literature and languages (Coursework Sample)

Please follow the course instructions and put two paragraphs per page. First page assignment one and so on. Each paragraph have instructions that need to be follow. Pick a topic for each paragraph(See attachment)then use the colors as directed to show the transitions words, conjunctive adverbs etc for each paragraph. Each paragraph have different instructions (See attachment). source..

Literature and languages
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Assignment one
Paragraph 1: Illustration paragraph
How to get the most out of a visit to the doctor
When one visits a doctor, he/she should explain the problem in depth, without fear and give the doctor a chance to ask questions and know what to be done. However, one should not interrupt the doctor when she/he is doing his examination. Alternatively, the patient should ask the doctor what to do to prevent future illness, because, prevention is better than cure. The doctor has all the knowledge that is needed in examining patient’s body; thus, he/she should not be intimidated when doing the tests. Moreover, there are chances that by one being attentive and following the doctor’s advice, healing is well facilitated. It is thus advisable to give the doctor a chance to examine one’s body, and not behave as if we know more than she/he knows, as this is one of the reasons why some doctors feel intimidated and fail to give the right advice.
Paragraph 2: description paragraph
A teacher I won’t forget
There is a certain teacher who taught me during my O level education, whom I will never forget; due to his discipline tactics. He used to give rewards and punishments when they were supposed to be; hence, this made all of us in the class to behave in a manner that attracted rewards. Alternatively, we used to fear him because he was so strict in a manner that if one was caught in the wrong, he/she was punished on the spot. Moreover, cases of indiscipline were rare because of the fear that was inflicted in us. On the other hand, other teachers adopted the trend due to its effectiveness. Lastly, teachers should not spare the rod as this will spoil the child, they should make sure that discipline is well kept as this will also translate in student’s performance.
Assignment two
Paragraph one: process paragraph
How to be a good friend
Being a good friend means being there for him/her when he/she needs you. This should be done by helping your friend when he is in trouble and also helping him/her come out with solutions of the problems he/she is going through. In addition, a good friend does not talk ill of the other person and should always defend him/h...
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