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The Effects of Physical Punishment on Development (Essay Sample)

Please type in a apa format. Also please attach news article, online article, parenting magazine etc. That is relevant to middle childhood(6-12 years old ) What ever article you choose please only choose one, and attach it to the completted assignment. Please see attach information on how to complete this assignment. source..
The Effects of Physical Punishment on Development
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The Effects of Physical Punishment on Development
An article published today in Medical News Today asserts that a child`s long term development may be harmed by physical punishment in the long run. Though most countries have abolished corporal punishment for errant children especially in the school going age group, there are a few places where physical punishment is still rampant. Cognitive and social developments seem to be the two major areas affected by physical punishment.
How this article relates to middle childhood
Middle childhood is an important age in the life of a child. It is a stage when a significant growth occurs in the body and mind of a child, especially because school changes children in many ways. Though some scientists refer to middle childhood as the latent phase because sexual drive lies dormant, a lot of interesting things happen at this time. It is during this time that children acquire an identity and learn new and complex skills. They also make new friends outside the first degree of consanguinity. It is without a doubt an important part of life which forms the foundation for future stages in terms of discipline, eating habits and decision making.
Physical punishment is one of the methods that was traditionally used to correct those who deviated from the advocated path. Truancy is a common theme in middle childhood, as evidenced by the many cases of school refusal, disobedience to parents and fights in school. Parents and teachers of aberrant children are often tempted to take a cane in a bid to correct the young ones. After all, doesn`t the holy book preach that if you spare the rod you will spoil the child? Doing so could have a serious effect on the health of the child, but it might not be immediately apparent. It is only later that the manifestations become crystal clear. It is only then that parents start to question themselves consciously. Mental health issues that are associated with physical punishment include anxiety and depression.
The significant of this issue
In my opinion this is a ...
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