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Use of Capital Punishment on Criminals (Reaction Paper Sample)

See the attached word document for the letter and instructions. Critical Thinking Writing Assignment Due: December 2 Weight: 20% Dr. J. Salem-Wiseman Directions: Read the following letter to the editor. Then write your own 2 page, double-spaced letter to the editor in response. In your response, be sure to address the following points: (1) What is the writer's main point or conclusion? (2) What arguments or reasons does the writer offer to support her conclusion? (3) How strong or convincing are these arguments or reasons? (4) How strong or convincing is the argument as a whole? Be specific, and defend your judgments with reasons. Dear Editor: We have been hearing a lot lately from bleeding-heart liberals who seem to believe that a society overrun with criminals is preferable to one in which criminals pay for their crimes. These liberals claim that cold-blooded murderers can be rehabilitated and released. But the facts speak a different story: most released murderers end up back in jail for the same crimes they were originally convicted of. The point is simple. If we don't take the lives of murderers, our society will eventually be in the hands of people who have no respect for life. There are numerous other reasons to support capital punishment. First, and most obviously, the death penalty is a 100% effective deterrent. No one executed for a crime ever committed another one! Second, it says in the Bible, “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Despite what the liberal media may say, America is, and has always been, a Christian nation, and in a Christian nation God's word should be law. Finally, the majority of Americans support capital punishment, and in a democratic society the will of the majority should become the rule. In a recent Gallup poll, over 70% supported capital punishment for murderers. It's clear that Americans are tired of coddling criminals. It's time our leaders listened to the people. J.T. Right Palinville, Alaska source..

Use of Capital Punishment on Criminals
In his letter to the editor, the writer is convincingly arguing that criminals especially the murders can be effectively punished by the use of capital punishment/death penalty. The writer is convinced that the cold-blooded murderers hardly get rehabilitated when released as most of them end up being convicted of their similar initial crimes. The writer gives various reasons why he is convinced that capital punishment is the right and most effective way of ensuring that criminals pay for their crime.
First, the writer believes that if murderers are rehabilitated and released, the future of the county will be controlled by people who have no respect for human life. Secondly, the writer believes that death penalty is 100% effective as criminals don`t get another chance to commit more crimes. Third reason given by the writer is the reason for Christian to abide by the laws that are given in the bible; he cites the use of ‘tit for tat` which he believes should be implemented by leaders as the country as majority of the citizens are Christians. Final reason he gives is that according to studies carried out by Gallup poll; majority of Americans support the use of capital punishment on criminals thus the need for the leaders to implement what the majority of the people support. Especially from his idea where he believes that in a democratic society the majority should have their way as their will often becomes the rule of the people.
According to me, the reasons that the writer gives on the justification of using death penalty on criminals are not very convincing as most of them tend to be biased and don`t necessarily represent what the diverse groups of citizens believe in. For instance` the writer`s reason that America as been ...
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