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Final Reflection: Learning Experiences (Essay Sample)


For this final Reflective Essay, you will reflect on the experiences you had this semester in class. In this paper, you should discuss the main takeaways you had from all of the major class projects, as well as in class activities, and homework discussions. This paper should not be an evaluation of the class, but rather a thoughtful reflection on the skills learned throughout the duration of the class. In order to write this essay, it would be helpful to look at the Course Description and Writing Project Descriptions on your Syllabus to guide your reflection.

Some questions that you may choose to address in this paper are as follows:

  • What were some of the major takeaways you had from the major writing projects, class discussions, and readings?
  • What specific skills has this class allowed you to work on or develop?
  • What did you learn about yourself and your own perspective through your writing and discussion?
  • How did this class change your perspective?
  • Why was this class an important experience as a first year college student?
  • How can you apply what you learned in this class to other classes?
  • How can you apply what you learned in this class outside of the classroom?
  • How did this class help your develop as a scholar?
  • Any other questions that allow you to reflect on the experiences you had in this class


  • This paper will count as your final exam; therefore, it should be thoughtful and well crafted.
  • Paper must be 2-3 pages, double spaced, 12 point font
  • Paper must be clear and organized

Final Reflection
Learning is often said to be an endless process. This is true, especially from a personal perspective. I have been learning throughout my life. I however, have major highlights of learning experiences, as they have changed me completely, for the better. Among the highlights of this is my four-month-long session in this class. I feel that there are a lot of concepts that I now have full mastery of, from the things I learnt during the semester. Learning a new language has always been quite tough for most students. This is because there are usually variations in pronunciations and even basic sentence structures compared to one's native language. I feel this coursework has been a success, as not only have I been able to learn the new concepts, but also how to use language in various ways.
I have learnt how to critically analyze texts and even conversations, so as to get the underlying message from either. Through the mastery of rhetorical analysis, which was one of the mainstay subtopics in this unit, I have enhanced my critical analysis skills. It has enabled me to easily and quickly analyze the basic arguments of authors of various literary works, be it magazines, newspapers, editorials or even blogs. In so doing, I can now ascertain an author's main argument and even credibility of the work (Longaker & Walker, 2011). This is an important skill learnt from the session. It can help distinguish between facts and propaganda, especially in the current global environment where the former and the later seem to balance in terms of ease of access.
I have also polished my argumentative skills, both formal and informal. Throughout the semester, the coursework has provided me with the chance to write and discuss various concepts, both in-class and on an individual basis. Most of these exercises focused on one's own opinion or perspective about the issue in question. Gradually, I managed to be in a position where I could offer my reasons and defend them with strong and sufficient evidence. As time went by, I realized that I had grown quite proficient when it came to argumentation and genera

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