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GASC20H3F: Enacting Nationalism Through Youthful Mobilities (Essay Sample)


GASB20H3F Critical Analysis Guidelines › 2 Critical Analysis Assignments x 7.5% = 15% › 1st critical analysis due: 29 September 2016 › 2nd critical analysis due: 27 October 2016 › 3 – 4 pages › Full citation of the article and page numbers throughout if you are quoting/paraphrasing › No outside or additional sources are needed for this assignment The critical analysis is much more than a simple summary; it is a review and evaluation of a course reading. Writing a good critical analysis requires that you understand the material, and that you know how to analyze that material using appropriate criteria. An analysis comments on the work in light of specific issues and theoretical concerns learned throughout the Gender and Social Institutions in Asia course. Writing an effective critical analysis Reading Skim the whole text to determine the overall thesis, structure and methodology. This will help you better understand how the different elements fit together once you begin reading carefully. Read critically. It is not enough to simply understand what the author is saying; it is essential to challenge it. Examine how the article is structured, the types of reasons or evidence used to support the conclusions, and whether the author is reliant on underlying assumptions or theoretical frameworks. Take lots of notes that reflect what the text means AND what you think about it. Analyzing Examine all elements. All aspects of the text—the structure, the methods, the reasons and evidence, the conclusions, and, especially, the logical connections between all of these—should be considered.

Enacting Nationalism Through Youthful Mobilities
Course title:
Since the coming of the digital era, lifestyle has been revolutionalized. This is so for all age groups in society. However, different groups adapt to technology differently. The youth appear to be adapting to the digital era faster as compared to the older people in society. Use of mobile phones effectively has been realized effectively as result of advancement in technology. The youth has also taken the use of mobile to a whole new level, making their lives admirable. Use of mobile phones in tandem with the dynamic and ever changing trends in the digital platform now defines the new young. Even those who are advanced in age are trying to keep up with the trends with an aim to remain youthful and within current affairs. The movement that the youth has formed with the use of their youthful mobilities has effectively brought them together. Is it possible to use the youthful mobilities to enact nationalism? This is the pertinent question that this paper has sought to address.
The Concept of Nationalism
Nationalism comes about when people of the same society or co...
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