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Research And Describe Effects Of Alcohol On The Human Body (Essay Sample)


The essay must be expository, the theme should be based any topic on health, it must be 500 words. Topic: The effects of alcohol on the human body.


Expository essay: The Effects of Alcohol on the Human Body

Alcohol is absorbed through the bloodstream and this has health repercussions, especially for heavy drinkers who are at risk of long term health problems associated with alcohol consumption. There is high absorption of alcohol in the bloodstream and the stomach, which is then carried to other body organs. Even though, at low doses alcohol is a stimulant, heavy drinkers are a risk of health complications compared to non drinkers (Handler, Ramchandani, Gilman & Hommer, 2013). The liver helps to breakdown alcohol into carbon dioxide and water while the rest is excreted, and heavy drinking overworks the liver as there are difficulties metabolizing alcohol (Dunlap, 2000). This paper explores the health effects of alcohol consumption on various body organs.
One of the most common short term effects of alcohol use is deteriorating coordination characterized by staggering. At other times, those taking alcohol suffer blackouts such that they cannot remember many details, and in extreme cases t...
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