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Effect Of Global Warming On Certain Species Of Animals (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on The Effect of Global Warming on Animals


Effect of Global Warming on Animals Essay
Are you looking to write the effects of global warming essay? The fact is that before you could write such an essay, you would have to know what global warming is. With the passage of time, the issue of global warming has taken a serious form. Today, the sea level has gone down, the temperature of the atmosphere has increased, and rains do not fall normally. All this is because of man-made things and unwanted human activities that have contributed to an increased level of global warming. When it comes to talking about the effects of global warming on animals, we can say that it has caused severe problems of certain species of animals.
How global warming affects animals?
In this paragraph on global warming, I had like to say that global warming directly affects animals and decreases their number to an extent. When human beings cut trees or forests in order to build their colonies and commercial centers, it becomes difficult for animals residing in those forests to survive. Some of them die as the result of deforestation while the others die due to hunger and thirst. Unfortunately, human beings who cut trees in a large number

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