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Developing a Program and Installing into Robots Research (Essay Sample)


source 1- (http://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2014/10/19/fashion/how-apples-siri-became-one-autistic-boys-bff.html)
source 2- (http://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/2013/06/08/education/for-homebound-students-a-robot-proxy-in-the-classroom.html)
source 3- (http://webpages(dot)uncc(dot)edu/~jmconrad/ECGR4161-2011-05/notes/Science_Article_Robotics_Ethics2.pdf)
source 4- (only "The Robotic Moment" which is from page 3-13 of the story in the link)(http://apps(dot)carleton(dot)edu/curricular/aiseminars/assets/Sherry_Turkle_book.pdf)
please do not use a lot of vocabulary words


Robots use the application of human intelligence in a computerized program to carry out activities. Mostly, they are used as agents of such intelligence. The work they do are majorly mechanical. Their development has increased because of the improvement in computer programming and coding. The codes are integrated into the mechanical objects to carry out some functions. Most people have developed arguments against and towards robots, and their application in business and industrial world meets different world. Due to these divergent views, this paper explores the harm that these devices have brought into the corporate world.
Initial costs of developing a program and installing into robots are expensive. There are several factors to consider. First, the experts who develop such programs should be advanced in computers. Most of these people charge expensively and vary depending on the kind of work it is to do (Turkle, 2011). There are instances when robots have been used in ports and industries for loading and offloading activities. Some can be used for cleaning of garbage trenches (Sharkey, 2008). The nature of the work may need sophisticated coding and programs that will be a burden the people. One must, therefore, consider the type of work that they want their robots to do and find if they are worth the robots and their pockets or not. After installation, maintenance of the robots require some cash (Turkle, 2011). When one compares these to the salaries and costs that an alternative would have had for the same work, it is realized that the robots are expensive. However, when successfully done, the robots will deliver quality work at the limited time.
The error that occurs when using robots is not easy to solve. They have a fixed automated program. Once they are designed, they cannot solve bottleneck problems. It will call for redesigning of the entire program. During that time, a business might seek to have the external manpower to carry out the works as they were designed. Such is an indication that one cannot rely on robots for results. An example is an argument by Brown (2013) that robots could be used in tutoring. The story states that web-based videos can encourage learning for the physically challenged people (Brown, 2013). In this statement, several considerations are left. When using web-based robots, how will it be possible to assist the student who does not understand the concepts? Learning is an interactive process, while robots have automated time within which their delivery of ideas will end. A classroom education would remain the best for this case (Brown, 2013). On the contrary, for people who cannot attend lectures physically, these robots will be useful at the dial of a button. Maybe, they can be proposed for primary education which will not require many explanations. Cases of lectures which are only aiming at the slight concepts will be explained.
Some arguments exist that times shall come when childcare will be left for robots. A programmed robot can watch over the child, feed a baby and lull t...
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