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Uncommon Verbal Abuse and Strategies to Address Them (Essay Sample)

Hi. Below is the instruction: 1/ Read Chapters 10 & 11 in Porter-O'Grady & Malloch Quantum Leadership. 2/ Using your organization as an example, please respond to the following question. Your response should be: 1) two substantive paragraphs in length; 2) reflective your understanding of the assigned reading; 3) formatted in APA 6th Edition style. Uncommon Verbal Abuse: This statement was made by a smiling supervisor in the presence of patients and coworkers: “It's hard to believe that with your experience and skills, you did not provide the information to this family. I'm sure that you will take care of this quickly.” It is disrespectful, confrontational, and demeaning without the typical aura of verbal abuse. Your task: Identify one situation in which verbal abuse occurred that did not involve yelling, arrogance, profanity, or physical threats. What strategies can you identify to address these behaviors and to avoid them in the future? source..

Uncommon Verbal Abuse and Strategies to Address Them
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Control of emotions is undoubtedly one of the most crucial qualities that any effective leader in an organization should possess. This is mainly because ability to control emotions is usually very essential since it allows a leader to amicably deal with varied situations and allows the leader to address subordinates’ bad behaviors in an effective manner (Porter-O'Grady & Malloch, 2010). If leaders in an organization are not able to control their emotions, then this often result to confrontations between leaders and their subordinates sometimes resulting to verbal abuse which is often disrespectful, confrontational, and demeaning. For instance, in our case the supervisor was undoubtedly demeaning despite the fact that he or she uttered the words while smiling and in presence of the patients and co-workers. This is inherently a verbal abuse due the psychological influence it is likely to impart on this particular employee (...
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