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Ethan From Analysis Describes Several Moral Predicaments (Essay Sample)


In a 300-400 minimum word essay, answer the following prompt: What lesson or moral do you think Edith Wharton was trying to teach readers in her novel Ethan Frome, and what literary techniques does she use to communicate that lesson? (Remember, personal pronouns should not be utilized in academic writing.)
Be sure to organize your paper around a clear thesis and support your points with text evidence cited in-text (at least three quotes from the text). As always, your paper should be in APA format.
All sources, including your textbook, need to be cited in-text and on your reference page. Please be sure to watch this tutorial on Characteristics of Scholarly Sources and this tutorial on Locating Academic Sources for Lesson 4 Exam.
Be sure that your in-text citations are properly formatted using APA.Your in-text citations should follow this format: (author's last name, date of publication, page number written with a p.) Ex. (Jones, 1998, p. 3). If there isn't a date or a page, use n.d. or n.p., but keep in mind that scholarly sources typically have all of that information.
When citing a website in your reference list, you should use this format: Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Initial. (Date of Publication). “Title of Article.” Retrieved from website address. For example: Wharton, E. (Date of Publication). Ethan From. Retrieved from website address.
When citing a book in your reference list, you should use this format: Author's Last Name, Author's First Initial. (Year of Publication). Book Title. Location: Publisher. For example: Wharton, E. (Year of Publication). Ethan Frome. New York: Dover Publications.


Ethan Frome Analysis
Ethan Frome Analysis
Edith Wharton's classic story is about personal morality that describes several moral predicaments. Edith tale is about hopeful romance that ends in tragedy. One of the moral lessons Edith Wharton tries to teach readers the end results of being indecisive through his main character Ethan, who tries to live up to the society

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