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Commentary of "Learning to Read" in Malcolm X´s Autobiography (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Commentary of "Learning to Read" in Malcolm X´s Autobiography


Malcolm X was a very well-known black American public figure. He was known for being Muslim at a time when that was quite unusual in America he lived in. His autobiography is very well known and is often read by people who want to understand his ideas and actions, given the controversial figure that he became.
Learning to read by Malcolm X features many changes in both tone and attitude. Sometimes the emotions are faint and hard to understand, but at other times, his emotions come through loud and clear when he is talking. If we put Malcolm X learning to read through analysis, then it becomes clear that his emotions become stronger as time goes on.
The section has three parts to it: beginning, middle, and end. The beginning roughly corresponds to Malcolm himself and his struggles to read. The middle is when he speaks of how much he loves reading, and how much he values it in other people. The end is when he discusses the role that reading plays in forming a moral and ethical viewpoint. The emotional discussion and feeling grow steadily throughout the essay, until by the end we can really feel how important it is to Malcolm X that everyone should read, and everyone should love

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