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Child Abuse: The consequent effect of Child Labor in the Present Period (Research Paper Sample)

get the reader into the topic as soon as possible, Choose a subject you know well and teach it to others, use the essay “to correct false impressions general readers less knowledgeable …might have….” Aim for one simple item or object to report on, using the Note that every paragraph in the essay begins with a general statement that states what the paragraph will contain – the rest of the paragraph fills in the detail on that statement “preserving and presenting works of art” Interior “created to do more” Gives other aspects of the “create more” concept Students entering college are trained in the 5-paragraph essay: Introduction with thesis statement [*see below] and a brief list of what follows; a Conclusion; in-between, three paragraphs on the three items stated in the introduction. Well, surprise. You are not locked into that structure. You still need an Introduction, with thesis and mapping, and a Conclusion, but feel free to write as many paragraphs on any one aspect of a topic (instead of confining yourself to just one). Note the general length of paragraphs in report writing. Because one sentence is devoted to announcing the subtopic/subaspect (the topic sentence), I'd give 4 to 6 additional sentences to build information. Use techniques of description, narration, comparison-contrast, defining and classifying, stating what something is NOT, etc. as suggested in week 1. source..
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Child Abuse: The consequent effect of Child Labor in the Present Period
Child abuse is often equated to violent actions toward children which inflict injury. News and other reports have, most often than not, portrayed the idea of child abuse in such a way that it has been associated to physical abuse; such as sexual abuse and other manifestations of such maltreatment done to children. People fail to take into consideration that child abuse is more than just violence; child abuse can be seen in different forms; such forms include, psychological abuse which stress further than childhood and hunts a child even through his or her adult life CITATION Ste95 \l 1033 (Seaberg). Child abuse comes in many forms; in this paper the focus will be a discussion of child abuse and its relation to child labor in the context of the present period. Unlike physical abuse, child labor does not necessarily employ violence to children and sometimes, children willingly engage themselves to hard labor. This paper wishes to enlighten as well as create a discussion whether child labor is truly a form of child abuse. The flow of the discussion will first give a brief definition of what child abuse is. Then this study will give a detail to the history of child labor during the earlier periods of human history. Afterwards, proceed to a discussion of the present impressions of child labor and finally create a thought in which readers are encouraged to indulge and ponder about such an idea.
This paragraph aims to shed light and clarify what child abuse is or what it is not. Child abuse or abuse itself, put in simple terms, involves a person harming another person or create a situation in which the latter inhibits in him self-inflicted injury (Hacking). An abuse occurs when the abused is unable to defend his or her right and as a result end up being helpless and powerless toward the abuser. In the case of child abuse, the abuse and the powerless of the victim is greatly magnified because the abused is a child and the abuser, most often than not, is an adult. The idea of child abuse just as any other idea is developed. Our present conception of what abusing a child entails did not exist centuries ago (Hacking). The very thought of child abuse has constantly changed through time as a direct correlation to the almost unwittingly regular altering in the very definitions of abuse and revising our values and our moral codes (Hacking). As human culture changes, the very definition of abuse and child abuse change as well. Nowadays, the idea of children being hurt or oppressed is equated to humanity being wicked (Hacking). Humanity desires to lend a hand to those who have previously been hurt; all others who don`t or feel differently are equated to a monster (Hacking).
On the previous section, we discussed what child abuse is; on this part, the discussion is on child labor and its history. History has it; children wer...
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