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Covid-19 impacts on business or management Language Essay (Essay Sample)


I thought it would be a good time before things got too busy to assign a nice little short written assignment. I think it will be a good learning opportunity for you guys. If you Google something like "Covid's impact on management" or "Covid's impact on business," you get a lot of nice articles a bit like the one I posted yesterday (published by PWC). All the large consulting firms and large accounting firms have published nice articles/studies surveying or opining upon the multiple effects of Covid on the practice of business and management. There are frankly a multitude of pieces available now on Covid's short-term and long-term impacts on business. You might also want to go to Galileo (see the class homepage) for access and also the library page. This is a more powerful search engine when it comes to article publications.
So here is the assignment: I would like for you to write an approximately 5-page briefing paper (including citations) , double-spaced, 12 point font surveying the current thinking out there on this topic. You certainly do not have to read or cite all of the articles available but I am looking for you to basically "capture" the general beliefs and findings about Covid's impact on business and management (and perhaps leadership). "Take the pulse," if you will, of the current literature on Covid's impact on global business. Anything you find that is unique and interesting is especially valuable. I would like for you to utilize probably five or six good articles. The syllabus provides information on what I am looking for in class papers. A major grading consideration will be the ability of the paper to clearly and concisely convey the current views in the literature on Covid's impact on business, management, leadership, and even the economic backdrop.
I also want you to submit one or two paragraphs to the class "discussion board" conveying what you thought were the most interesting and useful "impacts" you saw in your briefing research. Hopefully we can get some nice discussion going among members of the class.


COVID-19 Impacts on Business
Student’s Name
COVID-19 Impacts on Business
Civilization has had a remarkable influence in shaping the world, having brought to existence positive aspects like invention and innovation, globalization, education, modern-day governance, and many other positivisms. Big problems have also accompanied globalization, with pandemics as the epitome of the world's greatest problems. Socialization and domestication of wild animals together with the poor state of hygiene and nutrition are the major causes of infectious diseases that have been declared pandemic. Some of these infectious diseases include cholera, the Spanish Flu, and HIV. The world is currently at a standstill due to a pandemic, COVID-19, whose mode of transmission has curtailed the social life of human beings and reinvented a new normal. Besides being a health crisis, the pandemic has had a massive impact on the normal operation of businesses, both small and large, positioning it as a potential cause of a world economic recession. Several businesses have been forced to alter their operations to conform to the COVID-19 guidelines on limiting the spread of the diseases, with the management being brought to task to make necessary changes and approaches of leadership. New business ventures have also emerged as a result of COVID-19, with innovation and technology being at its best during this period of the pandemic.

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