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Wk 2 - Creative Reading Script Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please find detailed instructions attached. This is related to the 9/11 short story you wrote for me last week. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for all your help!


Your Name:
Subject and Section:
Professor’s Name:
Date Submitted:
Part II
Introduction: [Speech or Music] (Duration)
DJ: “Good day to our beloved listeners, and welcome to [Inert Radio Show/Segment Title]. This is DJ [Insert DJ Name] and we are here live with our special guest speaker, [INSERT NAME OF SPEAKER] to share a personal experience of one of the memorable events in history.”
Story 1: (Duration)
Speaker: “I’ll be talking about one seemingly typical Tuesday morning when people were bustling around doing their everyday thing. Not knowing that this specific day will be marked as one of the deadliest in American history that turned everything upside down. [COUNT 5] Unfortunately, I was among the strollers who heard a roar gradually cranking up [ENGINES] but I didn’t think much of it especially for the city that is reputed to be the aviation hub until I caught a glimpse of the unusually low altitude of the flight. Before the onlookers deal with their “hows” and “whys”; it collided into the North Tower. All I could hear for a moment were [SCREAMS] and people rushing away from the site in droves. It took me some time to believe what I had precisely witnessed. I wished it were a dream, but it felt like a living nightmare. [COUNT 10] After five minutes of sheer emotional conflict, I came into terms with the fact that the World Trade Centre was in serious trouble. I could still remember the un-survivable free-falls of dozens of people that I saw that day [COUNT 3] [QUIET] stranded in the building. In a matter of minutes, the dead-bodies of jumpers had littered around the building like a horror movie.”

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