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The Concept of Discourse Community Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


For your third writing exercise, read the article in the link below. Then, in 1-2 pages, answer the questions in the following prompt. Remember to quote directly from Swales's article to help support your points.
Writing Prompt:
Write a short narrative in which you dramatize Swales's problems joining the HKSC or in which you imagine the problems a newcomer has in learning the ropes in any new discourse community you can imagine, from World of Warcraft to medical school to a sorority.


Social Discourse
Community Discourse
Society interacts with information in a certain way relative to the various elements of practices that have been engrained in the culture of people in any given community. These are the guiding principles that define the basic interactions between different people within the society. In the way people interact at the individual level, with their families, friends and even professionally, social discourse plays a vital role. Interactions mean that there is an exchange of ideas, whether verbally or written. In light of the social discourses within the society, one is either classified as a normal person or as part of the pathological group.
In the case of Swales's problems, it is clear that he was experiencing some problems getting integrated into the group. This is a common problem that is associated with the social discourse, especially where the member is trying to get accommodated into the group. There are forms of interaction when the older members may not allow those that come into the group to instantaneously join and become part of them. When he joins the Group, he is met with resistance, mainly because even the level terminology that they use in the group is different than what Swales is used to. As such, in his assumptions, he thought that he would have an easy time getting acquainted with the members, only to find out that there is a code of conduct and communication that works in the group. This is not to mean that the group was singling him out for orientation, rather this is relative to the various elements of continuity that the group has developed over the years. There is the way how they exchange information with one another and for new a comer, it is natural that they will feel left out and pressured into complying with the standards of the group.
For most of the people serving in the army, coming from the war and back into the normal life takes a toll on them. It is for this reason that most of the countries have reintegration programs for those who find it difficult. Even in the normal circumstances coming back from the war and joining the local college for a medical course is a challenge. There is the way that people interact in the army and there is the way that college students interact. This is especially the case when it comes to the level of protocol that is applied to the army. Communication is structured in such a way that there are v

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