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President Trump's 100 Days in Office Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


POL 101 American Government. Requirements can be found in attachment.


President Trump’s 100 Days in Office
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President Trump’s 100 Days in Office
After his inauguration, which was on the 20Th of January this year in America, Donald Trump became the president of the United States. The business billionaire won his presidency ticket on a Republican ticket. The transition of United States’ government from the former president Barrack Obama has been received with some controversies. The elements of Trump's administration diversely range from having sizeable income taxes, investment in infrastructure and the protection of older adults. This government has also proposed significant changes in immigration laws. It is considered a governance that is of anti-globalization policies. Most of these changes and many more other proposals that the government of Trump has made in the first 100 days will be our focus for this study.
Federalism is a system in which power is shared between different entities that make up the government; such entities include states, provinces and other smaller units which altogether form a political system. The government of the United States has had a very successful federal system which has continued to be in existence even with the coming of President Trump into power. There is a continued sharing of power between the national government and states, making governance efficient.
Civil rights refer to the privileges and liberties in the Constitution that are meant to guide on how people are treated by other individuals, organizations and most importantly, the government that rules over them. They protect individual’s legal, social and economic equality. There are continued arguments concerning the ability of President Trump's government to protect the civil rights of people. One of the contestations arising under this issue is the issuance of a ban barring citizens of seven states from visiting the United States. The executive order to block these people has come under criticism as scholars argue that it is inclined towards Islam and Muslims. The critics say that through this, President Trump’s administration is violating the rights of people to free speech, religious freedoms and other rights of some nationals. Thus, many people are beginning to think that the current American administration is doing no uphold of civil rights and civil liberties of individuals.
The United State's Congress is made of the Senate and The House of Representatives whereby, direct election fills most of these vacancies. The Congress has 535 voting members who are made of a section of 435 representatives and about 100 senators. However, the House of Representatives has six non-voting members and other 435 voting members. Members of the Congress represent the views of the people concerning different aspects of life and governance. There ...
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