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INTRODUCING THE ISSUE. Communication. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


all i need you to do is to combine all but still in the same order and make minor changes, reword some of work...not to much, keep the same in-text citations and references. find some in-text citations and reference for answer 4 from the reading material. you did the work so it should be easily.
Basically everything is done for you with the exception of the conclusion. just minor changes to the rest. in short make one essay out of all the work and should be only 3500 +10% words. You have 10 days to do this and please keep in touch if there is a problem. I will be sending you another work i need a return in three days.... a power point slide - 5 pages to answer question 5.


Communication is a vital ingredient in military leadership. The success of military operations can stem out from proper and effective communication. Equally, the outcome can be detrimental when there is poor utilization of communication. More often, poor communication leads to poor coordination of teams that can easily be disastrous if not well handled. In the coordination of troops in the field, it is essential to appropriately use this tool to achieve a positive outcome. The most notable communication conflict comes out in the instance where the juniors only take their seniors' commands. Although this type of autocratic leadership serves the purpose of respect to the seniors, it often leaves the juniors with so little contribution rather than just implementing what they are directed to do. The juniors are accountable to their seniors, but they also have their views and perspectives on how well things can be done or how they can be improved. Without giving them attention and an opportunity to voice out their views, the juniors will feel not valued and may not give their all in their engagements. Therefore, there is a need for a coordinated and exchange approach between leaders and juniors for the effective delivery of their respective roles. 
Communication is highlighted as an increasingly critical military profession issue by placing the SnrNCOs-subordinates relationship in a wider CAF Effectiveness Framework and in accordance with major leadership functions.
Contextually, communication has, one firmly believes, a strong case in the CAF Effectiveness Framework (Department of National Defence, 2005, p. 9). Member Well-being & Commitment and Internal Integration. This dimension ...signifies a concern for people and the quality of their conditions of service – everything from the effects of organizational policies and practices to opportunities for personal growth development, from fair treatment by peers and superiors to the intrinsic satisfaction of one’s occupation and career [emphasis added]. (Department of National Defence, p. 20)
Empowering subordinates such as to contribute in a verity of ways to the mission and, to develop leadership skills essential for future leadership opportunities, commanders do build a culture of effective collaboration and a sustainable model of effective leadership within and beyond chain-of-command mandates. Moreover, cohesion and teamwork are force multipliers, making collective effort greater than a mere sum of individual efforts [emphasis added]. (Department of National Defence, p. 21)
By cementing Snr NCOs-subordinate relationships in ways that could harness and channel good relationship between two roles emphasizing collaboration and mutual understanding, as opposed to a “do-as-you-are-told” attitude, CAF is apt to multiply outcomes and mission effectiveness – at much less operational and, perhaps financial, costs.

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