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Censorship Of Pornography Argumentation (Essay Sample)

Unit 6 assignment In an essay of four pages, identify the main arguments surrounding a particular issue, and recommend a position and / or course of action that you believe best solves the controversy. see sample argumentative essays in acting on words and the sample paragraph in part ||| of this guide. your essay must include a fifth page listing works cited (MLA) or nature would normally use MLA style, but if you are intending to work in a field that uses APA documentation, you may use APA style for this assignment. see chapter 19 for guidance on documentation. i will scan the other pages to follow the instructions on page 107 to 110 source..

Censorship Of Pornography
Pornography refers to any visual or printed material that contains the explicit display or description of sexual activity or organs. Due to the emergence and rise of technology, pornography has become rampant among the communities, as it is highly accessible. Most of the pornographic materials are considered harmful to the public, as they violate societal morals as some people may argue. The possible solution to this exposure is believed to be pornography censorship, which can be carried out by the government or private pressure groups. Find herein arguments that have been raised regarding pornography censorship by the government or private pressure groups, as well as a recent effort to suppress a certain material.
Many women have the opinion that censorship of pornography may not be able to protect them. Moreover, there is a great concern by other liberals regarding the danger of pornography censorship, as well as the likelihood of its law to work in practice. Liberals that support pornography claim that there is not enough proof to support the fact if increase of rape and other forms of sexual harassment. Numerous studies however, have comprehensively proved this fact, concluding that pornographic materials create a violent society that bears a high record of sexual crimes. In response to this issue, the liberal supporters claim that the people who perform these formidable sexual crimes may have been affected in their early years of childhood, due to their personality. The numerous objections that were raised by liberals and feminists are directed to the practical costs as well as dangers of censorship. In addition, they argue even though pornography causes some damage to others, the damage is outweighed by the risks involved in the practice of censorship. There is great hardship that is involved in the formulation of legal definition of pornography. An appropriate definition is required in order to adequately precise in order to reduce the dangers accompanied by the censorship laws that target pornography. Thus, censoring pornography is likely to place the people or department conducting it on a risky ground that leads to additional censoring of other unnecessary material, which may contribute to the reluctance of people publishing or saying things that may be termed or categorized as pornographic. This may hinder progression of artistic work due to fear of publishing material that may be criticized and lead to prosecution of the artist, while they did not mean any harm in the first place. These kinds of dangers are serious and ought to be taken into account. However, it is important to realize that these dangers are inherent in various existing structures of legislation.
On the other hand, censorship of pornography is considered very crucial in shaping and controlling what is accessible through materials. Ethically, watching pornography w...
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