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Bullying At Work Or Other Forms Of Workplace Discrimination (Essay Sample)


1. Persuasive Essay
2. Submit as a formal APA Paper with the title page, abstract, formal headings, and two visuals
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Bullying and Discrimination at Workplaces
Institutional Affiliation
The workplace bullying and discrimination have been a topic of several academic and institutional research works. In today’s complex and highly competitive markets the organizations are required to increase productivity, reduce costs, and encourage innovations. The negative behaviors like workplace bullying and discrimination are highlighted to be the main hurdles to achieving the previously mentioned organizational goals. The current research essay is focused on highlighting the negative effects of such behaviors for the organization and develops some recommendations for the organizations to eliminate such behaviors at their organizational levels.
Bullying and Discrimination at Workplaces
1 Background
Most of the working classes of society spend and dedicate most of their time to workplaces. Therefore, it is of crucial importance for the sustainable socio-economic development of the employees to work in a positive and friendly environment. It is a commonly admitted fact that if one person is feeling down, then they can bring an entire team down with themselves. Negativity and associated factors can have detrimental effects on the workplace and productivity of the employees (Foote, 2010). Moreover, if the employees have unnecessary pressures or uncontrollable parameters they are vulnerable to make mistakes which in turn can prove to be devastating for the organization (Foote, 2010). Moreover, owing to rapid globalization and ever-increasing competition in the market the employees have several options for perusing their careers in any other organization offering a better working environment as wells sustainable career development.
The most highlighted challenges faced by the working community in the workplaces are the factors identified as workplace bullying and workplace discrimination. It can be said that an average organization is a true representative of its parent community and negative attitudes like bullying and discrimination are not only devastating for the organization but the associated communities as well (Foote, 2010). The workplace bullying and discrimination based on religious, social, ethnic, and gender basis have been identified as critical factors which result in the demise of the organizations as well as the communities. This research essay aims to evaluate both workplace bullying and discrimination and its potential adverse effects on job satisfaction, and performance of the employees. The essay also aims to highlight some legislative developments as well as some best practices adopted by the organizations to reduce workplace bullying and discrimination.
2.1 Workplace Bullying
The concept of bullying is not a new one for developed countries like the United States of America. The bullying has been identified as the root cause of teenage depression as it is estimated that almost 80% of the high-school graduates have experienced bullying in their early ages (Oade, 2009). Unfortunately, despite several efforts, the behavior remains unchecked, and when “bullies” graduate and earn some place in the working class of the communities, they continue their negative attitudes ultimately affecting the workplace environment. The workplace bullying is identified as repeated, unreasonable actions of individuals (groups) directed towards an employee (a group of employees) aimed to degrade, frustrate, humiliate, and create hazardous or risky workplace environments for their victims (Oade, 2009).
The workplace bullying, mentioned above commonly involves an abuse or misuse of the power. The most adverse effects on the victims are the senses of defenselessness, injustice, and reduced job satisfact...

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