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Spoiled Vs. Humble People (Essay Sample)

Please write a contrast essay on Spoiled Vs. Humble people. Something like how spoiled people are born rich from their parents and most of them don't have goals because they'll just inherit the money and etc. Thank you source..
Running Head: Spoiled Vs. Humble People
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Spoiled people are people who have bad manners, do things that are not supposed to be done within the society, for example stealing, drug trafficking just to mention but a few. It is a proven fact that most people who are born rich remain rich and those who are poor were born poor. It is only in exceptional cases that someone can improve and better his life if he is born poor and join the rich families (Anonymous 1994). It is true that most people who are very rich are spoiled and ill mannered, unlike their counterparts who are poor or middle class people who are well behaved. I have never understood to date why it is that way. The question I beg to ask is why does it have to be that way? In my quest to answer this question that has been troubling me for some time now, I will try to come with some ideas and theories to help understand this phenomenon.
The behavior
First and foremost in my opinion, rich people are spoilt because they have the means and resources to fight their way with the law or rather buy their freedom. Some of them might have worked hard to acquire this wealth while others have inherited it from their parents, we never know, but whatever the case, one thing that we can be sure of is that most rich people are spoiled. I say this because more often than not they drive big cars, have big bungalows, dine and wine in expensive hotels and places (Mazzarella et al, 2008). With such examples I strongly believe that they can go an extra mile to do anything so that they can enjoy their lives and be happy. In addition they are the ones who mostly deal in illegal trade of drug trafficking in their quest to become richer. Some of this people are in possession of firearms as a security measure.
Some of the qualities that describe them are; they are in disciplined, arrogant, demanding, and impatient, have immature behaviors and are very egocentric. Since they are impatient, they do not want to waste time queuing in the banks or traffic jams as this it annoys them. They despise the people who are poor. More often than not they tend to think that they are owed everything. Since they have a lot of money and are wealthy enough, they believe that they are untouchable making them arrogant and spoiled. It is due to this fact that I strongly believe that rich people are more spoiled. They do things with a notion that nothing can be done unto them because at the end of the day, they will buy their freedom. For example American Idol runners up have been acting weird lately after she became the second best. Reports have it that the girl is being rude to almost everyone, from his fans to the lighting people, lamented one of the lighting crew members. Even producers have seen that there is a problem with her and warn if she doesn’t change, her career is in jeopardy...
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