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Aristotle and Seneca (Essay Sample)

Response Essays Need a response essay on Aristotle and Seneca. Aristotle (384-322 B.C.E.) Page #: 825 - 826 On the Soul (Greek) Page #: 828 From Book 1 Page #: 828 From Book 2 Page #: 829 From Book 3 Page #: 833 – 834 Seneca (after 4 B.C.E.) Page #: 848 -850 On Anger (Latin) From Book I. [The Horrors of Anger; Is Anger Natural?; Can Anger Be Useful, or Controlled? The Use of Anger in War and in Peacetime; Anger and Greatness of Mind] Page #: 850 - 855 For each response essay, you are to make specific references to the work. I encourage citing the writers' works. RESPONSE ESSAYS (1) Response Essay on the selections from Aristotle, and Seneca--Discuss how these writers, though ancient, reflect human interests and concerns that are still pertinent to us today. Make specific references to the texts of each writer. source..
Aristotle and Seneca Name: Institution: Date: While today the likes of Aristotle and Seneca may be considered to be some of the oldest philosophers, they had great ideas to contribute to several theories as well as philosophies that still apply today and are helpful. They are the reason that some those things that were considered to be mysteries in our society are now better understood. Looking closely at the works of Aristotle ‘On the Soul’ and that of Seneca ‘On Anger’, one can in relate to the issues that they brought to the light decades ago, as they still apply to the life that we live today even thought the societies are quite different in terms of space and time. To start with, I feel that the content of the treaties by Aristotle regarding the soul carry a lot of weight as he goes on to try and explain how the living things operate and they general nature. According to Aristotle the different living animals that live on the planet all have different soul types and this can be derived from the fact that they all have different ways of acting as they go about their daily lives. This is very true as, when considers the various living thing s starting from the bottom of the food chain, every living thing have their place in the whole food web. The plants for example, have the ability to reproduce and provide the other level of living things with the nourishment they need. While the animals that belong to the lower levels have a perception of themselves and can move around in search of food, shelter or mates. T...
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