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American literature/alice walker Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please respond to the post below and bring together pieces of the discussion and take those ideas further. Talk about those three main points referenced below and feel free to even ask questions to further the discussion.
Part one: I chose Alice Walker, “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens”, I found it interesting that it starts out as a man talking to a prostitute. It spoke about how women who feel like they are unworthy saw themselves as just that, which is not the case, many of these women were beautiful but you could see the abuse they faced in their everyday life. The prostitutes walked around life ghosts, and when they died no one seemed to care or notice. Women in this story are compared to art, and how they created life, becoming mothers and grandmothers. It focused around a black-woman and the struggles that were faced to be a black American female. I feel this story has a personal connection with the world around us today. I myself am not a black woman, I am a white woman but after reading this story I was able to connect as a woman and a mother. I feel everyone has a voice and that voice should be heard, I also understand it’s hard for someone and easy for others which is not the way it should be.
Part two: Some of the most important characteristics that distinguish American literature are symbols and the ability to be able to connect on many different levels with many different people. It’s the ability to tell a story when no one else is telling it and when no one wants to listen. The literature that has been presented throughout this course to me did just that, from reading the stories and responses from our classmates, you can see how everyone connected with the readings in many different ways. Everyone was able to form an opinion and encourage me at least to see things from many different viewpoints.
Part three: The piece of literature that I feel will represent the 21stcentury is George R.R. Martian who wrote the series “A Storm of Swords”. This may not seem like your typical choice for this question, this is the series that “Game of Thrones” was based on. This is one of the series that brings together people in many different ways, I myself am not a huge fan of the TV series but even if you didn’t see the show you know about it and you are able to talk to those who have. It is a mystical fairytale with a darkness that I feel many people were able to relate too in different ways.


American Literature/Alice Walker: Response
American Literature/Alice Walker: Response
Alice Walker’s “In Search of Our Mothers’ Gardens” is an excellent resource that provides a new perspective that helps understand the problems women undergo in modern society. Women often experience many cases of abuse in their daily life which suppresses their artistic skills and talent. A question I have is whether prostitution can be regarded as one of the tools limiting women’s full potential? By being a prostitute, the women begin to feel worthless and not beneficial to society. Walker’s novel has one of the critical attributes of American literature, and that is, it can tell a story about women and the issues they undergo. It is easier to identify with the author based on

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