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Aboriginal people in Canada: Civil Rights movement (Essay Sample)


Need this in double spaces, and also running head and references.
Required topic is related to “aboriginal people” field. But haven't an idea specifically, only has a general idea. So the topic is up to you, just has to be related.


Aboriginal people in Canada: Civil Rights movement
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u 1.0 Introduction PAGEREF _Toc477520139 \h 21.1 Thesis statement PAGEREF _Toc477520140 \h 22.0 Background to Civil Rights Activism PAGEREF _Toc477520141 \h 23.0 White Paper Policy PAGEREF _Toc477520142 \h 34.0 Current Situation PAGEREF _Toc477520143 \h 45.0 Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc477520144 \h 5References PAGEREF _Toc477520145 \h 6
1.0 Introduction
The History of Aborigine people in Canada traces 500 years ago. In fact, the name Aborigine means the original inhabitants or the people who were in the country first. The word ‘indigenous’ or ‘native’ is also used when referring to the aborigine people in Canada. Apart from them, the country is one of the multi-cultural countries of the world (Nettelbeck, Smandych, Knafla, & Foster, 2016). Up to this moment, the aborigine people in Canada are still referred to as the First People of Canada or the first nations among other cultural groups. History indicates that the first people in Canada used at least three different languages where they refer each group with their primary language. One can realize this by the Inuit- colloquially who are popularly known as the Eskimos (Lorimer, 2014). The following essay discusses the development of civil rights activism of the Aborigine people in Canada.
1.1 Thesis statement
For a long time, the Aborigine People of Canada continue to push for more civil rights despite continued social and political discrimination in the country. The push for civil rights should allow them a chance to participate in the civil and other federal roles in Canada.
2.0 Background to Civil Rights Activism
Civil rights activism among the Aboriginal people began as early as the 19th century. This is a means of pushing for the efforts by the group. Here they organize their own political associations that would go beyond the general governance and pursue the rights of the Aborigines. With reference to the continued criticism of the federal government on the proposed ‘white paper’ policy that which came in to action in 1969, there arose several Aborigine groups consisting of the assembly of first nations. Notably, 2012 a national movement dubbed, ‘Idle no More’ arose to mobilize Aborigines towards fighting for their civil rights (Nettelbeck, Smandych, Knafla, & Foster, 2016). However, the first civil rights association dates back in the 1870 to 1938 where the Aboriginal communities established their council known as a council of Ojibwa. This was a conciliatory course on how Aborigines dealt with the federal government. In 1885, the Northwest Rebellion, which began from the political alliance, forced the government to honor their commitment in the treaty. However, the Aborigine participation was still limited leading to the gathering of ‘First nations’ which engaged all the indigenous people of Canada. The rebellion resulted in the tightening of government control while also resulted in the erosio...
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