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Classification of viruses (Essay Sample)

Write a 1 to 2 page essay discussing the classification of viruses within the 5 kingdoms of life. Which kingdom, if any, do they belong in? Why do they belong or not belong there? source..
Classification of viruses Student name Course Institution Instructor Date due The five kingdoms of life are identified as: plant, fungi, animal, moneran and fungus. Plants are many celled organisms and there are about a quarter million plant species. The animal kingdom has a variety of known animal species, about one million (Campbell, 2003). They are complex organisms with many cells and are divided into vertebrates and invertebrates. Monerans are one-celled organisms and do not have a nucleus. This kingdom is mostly composed of bacteria that are further grouped into bacteria and cyanobacteria. In addition, bacteria are the most common organisms on earth. Protists include various groups. Most are one-celled while few others are many celled. There are about 38,000 known protist species. They live in water and some move around while others stay in one place. They include algae, paramecium and amoeba. Fungi may also be one-celled or many celled organisms. They include yeast and mould and are known as decomposers (Edwards, 1990). Viruses are defined as submicroscopic particles that can infect other organisms a...
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