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Administration of Drugs through the Skin (Essay Sample)

Some drugs are administered by applying them to the skin (e.g., a nicotine skin patch to help a person stop smoking). The drug diffuses through the epidermis to blood vessels in the dermis. What kind of substances can pass easily through the skin by diffusion? What kind have difficulty? 275 words, 2 references Frostbite is the most common type of freezing injury. When skin temperature drops below 0°C (32°F), the skin freezes, and ice crystal formation damages tissues. a. Using figure 5.9, describe the mechanism that caused Billy's ears and nose to become pale. How is this mechanism beneficial when the ambient temperature is decreasing? b. Explain what happened when Billy's ears and nose periodically turned red. How is this beneficial when the ambient temperature is very cold? c. What is the significance of Billy's ears and nose turning and staying white? d. Why is a person with frostbite likely to develop an infection of the affected part of the body? 300 words, 2 references source..
Administration of Drugs through the Skin Name: Course Title: Date: In modern medication, drugs can now be administered into the body through the skin. The process is facilitated by porosity of the skin and heat produced by the body. The drug molecules pass through the skin by diffusion process and are carried into the blood stream through the rich network of blood capillaries. One of the key factors that affect diffusion is the size of molecules of the substance involved. Although this process has been viewed as an effective mode of medication, some drugs cannot be administered through the skin. Substances that can easily pass through the skin are those whose molecules are smaller than skin pores. Nicotine has tiny molecules hence it can easily be administered skin-wise. Others include Estrogen and some vitamins. Some drugs cannot be administered through the skin due to the size of their molecules. As noted earlier, the size of the molecules affects the rate of diffusion of substances. Therefore, for drugs to be administered through the skin, the molecules have to be smaller than the skin pores. Most protein drugs such as insulin may pass through the skin but the ...
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