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Question and answer of community correction officer (Essay Sample)

1.What do you see the role of a Community Corrections Officer in a work release program? 2.What type of programs would help an offender with successful reentry to the community and why? 3.How would you handle an offender who is angry at you because you denied him a pass? 4.Your office is located on the living floors of the offenders, what would you do if heard yelling and screaming on your floor? source..

Question and answer of community correction officer
Question one.
The roles of community correction officer in a work release program include case management, community work and assessment. In case management the role the officers are assigned to a group of offenders who have low reasonable risk offences. They are supposed to monitor offenders` compliance to ensure they comply with instructions given by the court or parole. In community work officers have the role of accountability to task induction with offenders who have to complete the community work as part of their orders, and constricting them to appropriate community work sites. They are also entitled to the role of assessing, interviewing and reporting about offenders` progress to the Parole Board.
Question two.
There are different types of reentry programs which are based upon local resources, community values, jail crowding, community issues and funding. These types of programs are work release, day reporting or resource center and pretrial release program. Offenders are offered with several services of the job development, literacy and family preservation which are helpful in their transition to the community. These reentry programs aim to decrease the offender`s recidivism and fruitfully reintegrate the offender back into the society. They help offenders with transition into society as they are given assistance with housing, education, employment, healthcare and substance abuse.
Question three.
I am supposed to enter into a discussion with an offender to describe to him or her criteria I used in giving or denying a pass to an offender. This will try to make the offender aware of the standards he or she failed and is supposed to attain to get a pass. I will give an offender another chance instead of reporting his anger to parole to achieve and reach those standards. Also I must look deep into the cause of the anger and try to help an offender in managing his anger, helping an offender to learn to let go of anger. Overcoming anger will ...
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