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The Criminal Justice System: My Future (Essay Sample)

4- FULL page paper that \"discusses what you have learned about the criminal justice system and what your potential future in the criminal justice system may be.\" Note to Writer: I am planning on heading to Law School, and hope to be a Politician as my future career path - Please make a connection with the criminal justice system. Also, one of the sources used MUST be this following book - \"Criminal Justice, 5th edition, Albanese, Jay S. 2012\". use at least 4-6 quotes from this book to support the paper as well as 3 other sources (they must be current, reputable sources!). Lastly, do not plagiarize. The paper should be typed in 12 point Times New Roman font, double-spaced and have 1”margins on each side. source..
Running head: THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM The Criminal Justice System: My Future Name University Course Tutor Date Introduction There are numerous insights that I have gained in the course of learning about the criminal justice system. It is a dynamic venture that is under the cocoon of criminology as an academic discipline. Under criminology, the criminal justice system is configured as a fundamental means of understanding the dynamics of state and government operations as it relates to governance especially in the phase of democracy. This paper will talk about what I have learned about the criminal justice system. It will create a connection between this and my potential future within the system. What I have learned about the Criminal Justice System Perhaps the security and governance of a country are pegged on the incredible role played by the criminal justice system. It is a set of institutions rather than a single entity and the functions of each institution fall in a continuum to make what is known as the justice system. Prevention and management of all crimes (domestic and international) are facilitated by the system (Dammer & Albanese, 2011). If crime was pest in a host, the criminal justice system would be construed as the pesticide that the host (government/or state) uses to deal with the pest. It is conceivable that the existing order in social, political and economic domains is the product of criminal justice system. The government largely depends on this system for execution and implementation of its mandate as well as decisions. Ideally, criminal justice is the system in which crimes and criminals are detected, detained, tried and punished. It is a “term used to explain and understand all of the agencies whose goal is to control crime” (Dammer & Albanese, 2011, p. 2) It describes an amalgam of institutions that complement each other. According to National Center for Victims of Crime (2012, para 1), criminal justice system “is ...
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