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POL 310 Final Project. Interview Report. Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Conduct an interview with three people you can find and ask their opinions on immigration’s impact on US society and their preferred immigration policies.

POL 310 Final Project 
Summer 2020 I
Interview Report
What underlies people’s attitudes towards immigrants and immigration policy preferences is an important topic of this course. Conduct an interview with three people you can find and ask their opinions on immigration’s impact on US society and their preferred immigration policies. Are their opinions based on their personal interaction with immigrants, or derived from information provided by media and political elites? What are their major concerns and at which level (personal, group, societal etc.) these concerns are? Why they prefer certain policies, or can they explain why these preferred policies can address their concerns? These are major questions that aim to help you structure your interview, but feel free to add questions to probe the interviewee or of your interests. Summarize the opinions provided by your interviewees and provide your reflection on these thoughts. The final report should include the following three main parts. First, who are your interviewees? Provide some basic socio-demographic information of them. Second, summarize their major concerns and policy preferences. Feel free to add points you think are provocative or interesting. Third, using the knowledge you learned from this class, explain where these concerns come from. Fourth, do you echo these concerns, or you disagree with them? Why or why not? You do not have to cover every concern included in the interview report. Please remember to streamline your paper with necessary introduction, transition, and conclusion. Please do not report your interview and reflections in a bullet point style. Whenever you refer to existing works, remember to cite properly. You can choose whoever style you prefer. Your final interview report should be about 5 pages (12 fonts, double spaced). Upload your final report no later than 11:59 pm, 07/02/2020. Save your word document as pol310_finalproject_lastname. In your final document, include your full name and your student ID. Grading Rubric
1) Introduce your interviewees. 3 points. 2) Summarize their opinions and concerns. 3 points. 3) Explain their opinions and concerns by putting them into perspective and able to tie these concerns to the knowledge you learned from this class. 6 points. 4) Your reflection on these opinions: agree or disagree, why or why not. 3 points. 5) Proper citation. 3 points. 6) Overall organization of your paper. 2 points. 


Interview Report
Institutional Affiliate
Interview Report
The United States has enacted various immigration policies in history aimed at both regulating and restricting or controlling the rate of immigration into the country. Among the policies include the infamous Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 as one of the stringent policies against targeted immigrants to the restrictive policies of the 1960s as indicated by the 1965 Immigration Act. The Immigration Act of 1965 allowed for the reunification of families for the immigrant workers in the United States with citizenship and introduced new admission criteria for immigrants CITATION Hir16 \l 1033 (Hirschman, 2016). The amendment of the said policies and introduction of new ones continue to raise different views and opinions among the pollution across different demographics. An interview with a cross-section of individuals across the different social demographics reflects the diverse attitudes towards the immigration policies embraced by the United States’ government. 

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