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Criminal Justice Administration (Essay Sample)


For this project, choose one of the major topic areas in the course, and concentrate on a specific issue that may have a critical impact on one or more of the criminal justice system components (e.g. Problems with Communications or Motivation of Personnel, etc.). You will locate and evaluate at least three (3) current research studies (within 5-10 years) regarding your chosen topic area. In your paper, you are to explain how you would improve your chosen topic issue as it applies to a particular component of the criminal justice system. You must cite and reference at least seven (7) scholarly sources for this paper.
This paper must be written in the APA writing style (6th edition) format. Submit the paper as a MS Word document in the appropriate drop-box. The paper (not including the title and reference pages) should be approximately 5 pages (1750 words) in length, double spaced in 11 point Arial or 12 point Times New Roman font.


Criminal Justice Administration
Violation of laws is a common thing in all parts of the world and that is why governments come up with a set of processes and agencies to prevent and control the violation through what is commonly referred to as a criminal justice system (Foblets, 2010). Each criminal justice system has a specific jurisdiction in which it is implemented and the jurisdiction can be a military installation, federal government, state, country or city. The five major components of a criminal justice system include corrections, courts, prosecution and law enforcement. Communication is a very vital component of the criminal justice system and therefore any kind of communication breakdown among the personnel within the system or between law enforcers and the citizens affects their performance in a negative apart from bringing down the reputations of an entire criminal justice system (Foblets, 2010). Cultural diversity is one of the issues that have a great impact when it comes to justice delivery because it can be a hindrance to effective communication. This article will discuss how cultural diversity contributes to some of the communication problems with a criminal justice system.
How cultural diversity contributes to the communication challenges in the criminal justice system
Diverse communities are always a great challenge when it comes to delivering justice for all and therefore most criminal justice system agencies find it difficult to effectively execute their duties in such a culturally diverse environment because of communication problems (Cole, Smith & ‎DeJong, 2014). The ability to freely interact and communicate with colleagues in the criminal justice has always been a major challenge in most jurisdictions. Cultural differences or diversity contributes to poor communication practices that in turn affect the performance of criminal justice agencies. Some of the negative effects of poor communication include employee turnover, incorrect assumptions, missed deadlines as well as personal conflicts among the personnel. Productivity and alignment can only be promoted when there is effective communication in the entire justice system and also eliminates all the possible risks within the system. It is always easy for messages to be misconstrued as a result of language barriers and this can be a risky affair when it comes to the administration of criminal justice (Cole, Smith & ‎DeJong, 2014). Judicial employees that speak different languages are bound to face different challenges when interacting with each and this means that they cannot perform effectively. The language problem makes them feel embarrassed or frustrated, especially when dealing with their superiors. The inability to understand directives is a challenge for law enforcers and this therefore creates a lot of loopholes in the criminal justice system (Cronkhite, 2012). Communication is affected in quite a number of different ways by diverse cultures. There are some cultures that place a lot of emphasis on verbal cues while others focus on non-verbal cues and this can be another source of misunderstanding.
Communication within the criminal justice system is also affected by cultural issues such as diverse perceptions when it comes to body language, personal space as well as roles and status (Cronkhite, 2012). Communication between a man and a woman is in most cases guided by their cultural orientation and there some cultures where men cannot take orders from women. The space between two individuals that are involved in a conversation is also guided by cultural backgrounds and this is also another major cultural issue when it comes to communication. Interaction between members of the community and criminal justice system actors such as defenders, pros...
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