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Degrees of Murder (Essay Sample)


Discuss the difference between first-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, and involuntary manslaughter. Be sure to provide specific examples that evidence the difference between these crimes. Your response should make clear references to the legal concepts and principles.


Degrees of Murder
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Degrees of Murder
Murder is a term used in the field of Criminal Law and it basically refers to the act of killing a person by another human being with malice aforethought (McIntyre & McMullan, 2012). Murder can either be implied or express. Murder is therefore expressed in various degrees as follows:
First, we have First Degree Murder that is widely defined as a killing which is unlawful and is both premeditated and willful (Hunt & Rutledge, 2011). It means that the act of killing a person was well planned for prior to the time of execution and therefore characterized by the specific intent of ending a human life. Ambushing and shooting at a person because they wronged you in one way or another, or intentionally poisoning them are examples of first-degree murder. On the other hand, there is Second Degree Murder which is defined as a killing that is deliberate but not planned for nor premeditated (Hunt & Rutledge, 2011). It is a killing resulting from dangerous conduct by the offender and lacking concern for human life. For instance, shooting at a specific target person but unluckily ending up killing a different person is an exa...
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