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Case Analysis (Essay Sample)

Assignment 1: Case Analysis O. J. Simpson Trial Students are to use the following two links ONLY to obtain information about the Simpson trial: http://walraven(dot)org/simpson/#prelim http://law2(dot)umkc(dot)edu/faculty/projects/ftrials/Simpson/simpson.htm The links are also provided in the Course Content area of the WebTycho classroom. After studying the information provided, do you believe that the prosecution proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Simpson was guilty? Write a four- to five-page paper analyzing the following items. Structure your paper as follows: I. Introduction Give a brief explanation of the burden of proof, which is proof beyond a reasonable doubt in a criminal prosecution. Give a brief explanation of prima facie. Give a brief explanation of the applicable code the prosecution was brought under. Give a brief explanation of why the Simpson trial was so pivotal to the prosecution of crimes in the United States. II. Opening Statements Which attorney was most persuasive? Which attorney gave the jury more significant facts to consider? III. Establishing/Challenging a Prima Facie Case for Murder Name one key witness who helped establish a prima facie case of homicide for the prosecution or challenged a prima facie case for the defense, and explain why he or she helped or hurt the prosecution of the case. IV. Evidence What other evidence (than testimony) was significant in establishing or challenging a prima facie case of murder? (e.g., the glove, blood) V. Closing Arguments Describe why one was more persuasive than the other, and how the jury would have been persuaded one way or the other based on the closing statements. VI. Outside Factors Are there any other outside factors, other than those listed in the book that affected this case? (e.g., the media, society) Why do you think this is such a divisive case in the United States? VII. Concluding thoughts As a budding criminal justice scholar, discuss briefly why this case is important to the study of criminal justice and criminal prosecution, and how reading primary documentation about it has changed your own perspective on the case. source..
Student`s Name: Professor`s Name: Institution`s Name: Course Code: Course Name: Introduction The burden of proof is the obligation of one part in a legal case to convince the judge or jury, who are decision makers. that their versions of facts are indeed true. The burden of proof is often carried out by the prosecution in criminal trials and plaintiff in civil trials. It is much greater in criminal trials than in civil trials because of what it entails such as the defendant`s liberties in a criminal trial. In legal practice the term prima facie is used to describe the presentation of adequate evidence by a civil claimant in order to support the legal claim(Prima facie case) or it can be used to mean a piece of evidence (Prima facie evidence). For majority of the civil claims, a plaintiff must produce a prima facie case so as to avoid dismissal of the case or a verdict that is unfavorable. The plaintiff must also present sufficient evidence on all elements of the claim for purposes of supporting the claim and shifting the burden of evidence production to the respondent. However, if the plaintiff fails to make a prima facie case, the respondent might move for dismissal or a favorable directed verdict without present evidence to disprove whatever evidence the plaintiff has produced. This is because persuading the jury or the judge lies with the plaintiff. The application code that the prosecution was brought under depended on the burden of proof whereby the plaintiff were unable to convince the jury that there version of facts were really true. For example, there existed various contradictions in their evidence. The LAPD officer who established a bloody glove outside Simpson`s bedroom turned to be godsend for the defenses` corrupt-police theory. However, when Simpson was told to fit them, they were small thus making the evidence null and void. In addition to that, when he was asked whether he had used the word nigger for the previous ten years he declined which was not true according to the video tape recorded. Also the use of blood samples were declined as from the DNA test taken by the experts showed that the defense could not use it as evidence. Reasons why Simpson trial was so ...
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