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You Be The Judge: Mini Project Option (Essay Sample)


In order to have a draft of your essay formally reviewed you must complete both of the steps below:
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Please note that the review process is designed to provide you with general feedback on the evaluation categories (see below) and identify possible areas of improvement. We are not permitted and we will not be able to edit the actual content of your drafts.
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Instructions: Choose one of the following three topics below and write a carefully crafted response. Your response must conform to the following requirements:
Explicitly address the selected prompt.
Be a maximum length of 3 (three) pages (12 point font, Times New Roman or Calibri, double-spaced). The works cited and title pages do not count towards that limit.
Written with clarity and grace (style, structure and mechanics).
Incorporate theory and/or scholarly research for at least one of the communication concepts that we have covered in the course (e.g. interpersonal, non-verbal communication).
Cite (in text and in the reference list) at least two scholarly sources outside the materials used in the course with an acceptable/established citation format to support your postion.
Submitted in Microsoft Word format (2003 version or later) or PDF format via the Assignments tab on Canvas. No Pages, RTF, Open Source and related files. If your file is not submitted through one of the file formats specified above you will not earn a score. It is your responsibility to verify that you have submitted your essay in the correct format, via the correct link and produce the proof of submission from Canvas and Turnitin as evidence.


You be the Judge
Institutional Affiliation
You be the Judge
As far as communication is concerned, plenty of factors influence how people communicate and how they are perceived. In most instances, how an individual communicates is based on their personality and upbringing, and as such, there is a need to analyze particular traits and aspects further when seeking to ascertain whether one is telling the truth (West & Turner, 2011). At the same time, the influences of stereotypes and communication codes do well to influence how we perceive others as well as how we communicate with them. Because of these issues, it is imperative that one is aware of how people communicate to help facilitate effective and clear communication (Morgan, 2008).
In this case, it is highly possible that the late student is telling the truth. It is highly likely that the student may have forgotten forgot their ID in their haste to get to the computer lab. However, it becomes quite difficult to believe their story and fulfill their request due to some factors. First off, the knowledge that campus crime has been on the rise plays a significant role in shaping how one perceives others, especially at night. Because of this, the idea that the person in question could be a thief plays a core role in how they are perceived and the communication that ensues from the interaction (McCann & Keaton, 2013). At the same time, the stereotypes that I have of thieves will also play a core role in influencing how the communication between us proceeds (Gamble & Gamble, 2013). If the physical stature of the person resembles my idea of how thieves should look and how they dress, I will be highly reluctant to listen to their requests. At the same time, my tension and fear over the situation will hinder effective interpersonal communication as in such an instance; it becomes nearly impossible to listen to the person actively.
However, it is also equally important to note that several communication codes will affect how I perceive the person and whether I can consider honoring their request. Two of the most important communication codes in this regard will be vocalists and kinesics. In terms of kinesics, the body language of the person will do well to demonstrate whether they are telling the truth or not (West &am

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