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IT & Computer Science Assignment Paper: Bills Business (Essay Sample)


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Computer- Bill’s business
Part A
1] The formula to use in F is to use the auto sum sign for cells B5:E5 for the 14th of September and then dragging the bottom left of the cell up to the 20th September.
2] The formula or function suitable in column B through F in row 13 to get the total expenses for the week in each category is Sum (F5:F11), and for a day it is Sum (B5:B12) for the auto/gas category and Sum (E5:E12) for other expenses
3] This is conditional formatting with the logical test being that the daily expense is equal or more than $ 100, this will be rows G 6 and G9 and the formula is represented as IF(F5>=100, “Yes”).
3 b G5, G7.G8, G10 and G11 will be left blank as the daily expenses are below $ 100.
Part B-Configuration of networks
Network configuration is the network str up focusing on specific communication needs and requires the router, host and software configuration (Palmer, 2012). Increasingly business are using wireless connections to access the web. There are three main configuration topologies are the bus network, ring network and star network. The system administrator also considers the area coverage and size of network with information being shared through the peer-to- peer network or server networks. The need to share the resources and security are aspects to choosing the most effective networks to decide between peer-to peer network and server based networks.
The bus network represents different computers connected using a cable (bus), which is then terminated at both ends where there is information sharing (Palmer, 2012). The ring network represents where the network is attached at the two ends, but the data travels in one direction. In the star network the machine are connected to a server/ central machine, but machines utilize the resources of the higher networks. Besides the network topology the unique organization needs will influence the decision on choosing the network configuration.
When choosing between the networks Bill can choose the wireless connection or the Ethernet. The wireless connection is the most suitable for Bill and his employees to conduct business and send emails, but this option is l...
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