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Describe three causes and three consequences of the Mexican Revolution. (Essay Sample)


answer the following question for an interpretive essay, worth 50 points. This essay should be four or five paragraphs long – or longer, if you wish. Be concrete and specific.
Describe three causes and three consequences of the Mexican Revolution. I have included one source please add 2 more sources


Mexican Revolution
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Mexican Revolution
Sam Dillion, in 1998, 14th September wrote The Mexico City Journal; Anniversary of ’68 Massacre Brings Facts to Light and published in The New York Times. The journal investigated the massacre and involved (survivors) some of the people present during then. It aimed to make the events clear since facts were hidden ever since. On that, Deputy Interior Minister Salaza Toledano confirmed saying that the documents could not be released for national security. The title inclusion of the bit that it ‘brings facts to light’ suites the article as it unveils hidden truths of over the years till the anniversary period. The writer stated some versions given to the public, like students provoking violence and the consequences.
The massacre had several causes, one of them being fear by President Diaz on the democracy movement planned by the student leaders. 

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