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Declaration of Independence (Essay Sample)

Describe the political and social consequences that ensued from the issuance of the Declaration of Independence. This paper must be a complete essay and have a title page, one full page of researched text, and a works cited page with three historically appropriate sources listed. This is a total of three pages! Use a 12 point font, Times New Roman, and double line spacing for this work. You may not use encyclopedias (including Wikipedia), dictionaries, textbooks, the same web site more than once, young adults' or children's resources. You should never copy directly from any source. source..

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(07, October, 2010)
Declaration of independence
The road to independence for America was marked by a revolution of battles and loss of life against the British and example of such was; battle of Brooklyne, Saratoga, Burckerhill just to mention a few. The British army lost many of its men in the wars irrespective of them having outnumbered the Americans. After the revolution and attaining independence, the American sort compensation for the properties that they had lost in the war under the Treaty of Paris. Articles of confederation were passed in a bid to defend it from foreign countries and majorly to avoid a recurrence of colonization.
Declaration of independence arose due to different social and political consequences. It started with rebellion against the rulers. The bit of a rebellion and political instability from the people in the various states as the congress via the article had the mandate to raise an army. Such rebellion exerted pressure to the ruling elite and made governance much difficult as it was before the rebellion become intense. This lead to the set up of the constitution in 1787 giving the congress power (Lorcher, 2010). The constitution then lead to an end to slavery as in itself was unconstitutional to the safeguarding all persons irrespective of their back grounds and all men being born free.
The Historical case of Wheaton vs Peters issued the freedom of all slaves in America. The declaration of independence was on July 4th 1776 and written by Thomas Jefferson and its contents was more of putting forth grievance to King George III and proclaiming independence. In the 1800s America was searching itself and trying to establish itself economically which it did by growing from an agricultural state to an industrialized one (Berkin, 2006).
Various political scholars argue that the declaration of independence is more of a Lockean document as it highlights the Locke`s philosophical aspects rather than the usual European based laws/articles. The declaration of independence and the constitution are seen even today as guides for the congress before embarking on any issue that is in the country`s interest as they all have to be as per the specifications in the two statutes and be to the regulations of human rights. The land after...
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